When I got back home, I immediately called the guy I was dating, to recount my horrid little tale.  He seemed appropriately shocked and amused, so I invited him over.I was still sore from rolling around in an icy alley, so it was nice to get a back rub and have some male attention after visiting the bear den. I had met Scottie a few months earlier, on a free dating site. He was quiet and down to Earth, but mostly… he was really, really good in bed.  Which, to be honest, was all I was looking for at the moment....more

Second Life - Part Two

Second Life – Part Two...more

Interview: Laurina Hawks, Making Films in Virtual Worlds

We speak with one of the most remarkable female avatar who works making movies in Second Life. Her machinima productions will let you without words. With a personal style, her “trade mark” is quality and good stories. Ready to enjoy and learn about machinima? let’s go on!...more

BlogHer08: The Second Life Experience

Britt Bravo is on a much-deserved vacation, so I'm stepping in for her on the Net Squared community blog.  Ever since Friday and Saturday when I participated in BlogHer08 in Second Life, I can't stop reflecting on all that I learned!  I posted some of my thoughts on the Net Squared blog (and wanted to share them with you as well). ...more

Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Survives Griefing Attack

Photo by Peacemaker According to Wikipedia, a griefer is "a slang term used to describe a player in an multiplayer video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players through harassment. Griefing could be considered a malignant form of emergent gameplay." ...more

A woman stripped on our main stage before things began. We were thrilled it was a female av and ...more