How Men Play Women! Secret Tactic Revealed!!!

From "The Playa's Guide for Women" Written by Dating Strategist, Butta 'Fly' Jonez Many women fall for men who are players.  It happens every day of the week.  One of the reasons why intelligent women fall for PlayBoy's is a mind trick called "Implication."IMPLICATION is the art of suggestion.   I am going to explain how this trick is used by men to play women, and I am going to tell you how to FLIP THE SCRIPT on any man who is trying to use this trick to PLAY you.Peep Game: ...more

Bad Girls Get All the Guys

A seductress casts a spell by making herself very available at the beginning of a relationship so it appears to be less work and less risk for the man. But then, when he has grown used to her attentions and charms, she suddenly makes herself unavailable for a seemingly unbearable period of time -- though always with a reasonable explanation. Whatever her reason, she ensures her object of interest doesn’t feel abandoned, simply aware that by not having pinned her to a commitment, he could very well lose her. ...more
This is funny...interesting.  Long-term, though, it doesn't work.more