A Spring Photo Safari


How to eliminate fuzzy white mold on your house plants

You know the stuff…the little grayish-white fuzzy puffballs that suddenly spring up about a week after you plant your new garden seeds.  It blossoms across the surface of the soil and if you have planted your seeds in peat pots, soon the entire outside of the container will resemble one of the guitars from ZZ Top.So what do you do???...more

yo-go, baby!

  I started a little project a couple of weeks ago after a visit to my local nursery. Mind you, "little" and "project" don't always go well together with me. But this really was little. It had to be. I was doing it in The Closet: growing seeds! ...more

Turn Egg Shells into Mini Herb 'Eggling' Gardens

Whoa, finally.  Spring has sprung. For short-summered gardeners like me, it is particularly important to get started early.  My gardening team and I start many tender annuals indoors.  We avoid purchasing seedling trays or pots and try to start most seeds in biodegradable handmade pots.  Cardboard tubes, newspapers, grapefruit halves are great options—we use eggshells....more

Absolutely love it. I have been using toilet tissue rolls to start my seeds in but they always ...more

Snow Days.