When Life Throws you a Curve Ball

Seizures. A word most people don't encounter in their daily lives. Those of us that do know about them know just how scary and confusing that one word is. The majority of people don't know know much about them, but I do. ...more

It's stroke awareness week

Seeing how it is stroke awareness week I was asked to write a blog regarding our situation. I have already listed several blogs based on this information so I will keep this short. I hope my post will help educate someone reading it, and reach out to someone who needs it. ...more

A whole new world

"I am so glad you posted this video" "I never knew a baby could have seizures like that" "I was moved to tears, but I am so glad I watched the seizure video" "Poor baby, I never understood how difficult his seizures were" "Thank you for sharing the video, and the insight" ...more

I should have been in pictures!

"Oh No" exclaimed little Jude, "Mommy put my down on my blanket!!" "No really I don't like it at all!!! Pick me back up mommy!!!" Whispered little Jude. ...more