What An ER Visit Taught Me About Cherishing My Children

“These kids are driving me crazy!”If you are a mom, and unless you are Mother Theresa, I’m sure you’ve uttered (or screamed) these words out of frustration before.I know I have. Many times, in varying tones of voice.The fighting, the messes, the mealtimes, the questions....more

9 months

nine months. it has been nine months since my last seizure. i've never really felt compelled to count the days since a seizure overtook my body. until now. i can't explain why i feel like i want to. i find joy in it and success. before my last 2 seizures, not having one was something i expected. as if that makes any kind of rational sense. i am a person with epilepsy, after all. i am going to have seizures. it is a part of my life. it has taken me 14 years to accept that. accept that. ...more

Soy formula linked to seizures in children with autism

New research indicates that there may be a link between seizures in children with autism and formula containing soy protein (vs. milk protein).Of the 1,949 children that were studied, there were:- excess seizures among the girls- excess seizures among the total sample of children- borderline significance among the boys (who were 87% of the children)...more

Get Out of the Way of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is not my thing. I know there are many people who would say that it’s just a matter of finding the right kind, but I’m more of a glass of wine kind of girl. That’s just my taste. I’ve never been big on the legalization of recreational marijuana, but I also didn’t oppose it. I’ve been pretty indifferent to the whole thing....more

When you can't fight depression

My younger brother is smart. Like, wicked smart. Such as, can explain time-travel smart. Should be a rocket scientist kind-of smart. Could hold a conversation with Sheldon Cooper smart. ...more

Seizures, Autism, and Our Family's New Normal

I'll never turn my cell phone off in a movie theater again, not after doing so made me miss the call that my 12-year-old autistic son was having a full-blown seizure....more
Shannon, the emotional roller coaster and angst you described are all too familiar. (BTW, a ...more

Why My Life Depends On Tomorrow's Run

The morning of September 16, 2006 was a sunny one. The skies were as blue as I had ever seen them and with less than two months left, my mother-in-law and I decided it would be the perfect day to hit some stores in search of my son’s first Halloween costume. It was a Saturday, so I kissed my husband lovingly, told him to enjoy some alone time so he could listen to his new Tool album loud and without interruption, and then packed my beautiful sixteen-week-old in the car after giving him his morning bottle.  We had about a half-hour ride ahead of us before we got to Lenox Mall. ...more

Life is Fleeting, but Love is Eternal

     Yesterday Mandy and I talked about expectations...and life...and love...and all the other random thoughts that came up as we sat sewing together.  We decided that life, and love, have a way of surprising us and taking us places we never dreamed of at the start of the journey.  Isn't amazing that the life we get is so wonderful that most of us wouldn't trade it for the life we thought we wanted - the children we weren't expecting or the person we never wanted to love or the pets we didn't want or the job that was only temporary?...more

Just Breathe An Epilepsy Awareness Story

Just BreatheAn Epilepsy Awareness Story Epilepsy.   A word I was very unfamiliar with most of my life.  I had heard of it before, but knew nothing about it. I had never witnessed anyone have any kind of seizure my entire life until my son Lance had one.  At the time he started having them at age three, I was completely unaware of what was happening to him as I am sure most parents are.  Unless of course it is the kind of violent tremor seizures we are all familiar with and have at least heard about....more

Standing Out in a Crowd