I Ask if You can Felt Acrylic Yarn and Pay the Price

Last week I went on a crochet bender and whipped up a bunch of stuff I had never really thought of before. I also got curious about whether you could felt acrylic and was really disappointed by the search results. While I quickly caught on to the fact that the answer was more than likely no, the websites I went to were full of the sort of nasty sarcasm that finds itself terribly clever and leaves you wishing you could just find a straight shooter to answer a question.  ...more
This is not entirely true. I found online (I have not tried it YET) how to "felt" acrylic yarn, ...more

Creativity Bursts Forth: Using Creativity to find my way

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.I know I don't want to be a doctor, a lawyer or a candlestick maker....more

Thank you so much! The blog has really take a shape that I never anticipated, so I am happy ...more

Measuring Blackness: You Can't, So Don't Try

I have a little secret for you: there is no way to measure whether or not you are ‘good’ at your ethnicity, though there are many who might like to believe otherwise. And if there was, I am pretty sure you are not qualified to determine mine....more