Getting Your "Self" Back: Step#7: Are you Bio-Worthy?

Your bio.  It’s your life in a quick paragraph.  It’s your life in a flash.  It’s your blurb in the paper when you have accomplished something.  It’s your current introduction to all things YOU.  And dare I say it?  It’s what they will say about you when you are gone. It’s your bio.  And is what’s in your bio..... Bio-worthy?...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #6: Pails, Shovels and Buckets

Everyone you know has a bucket list. My husband wants to play at Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. He has been dreaming about it for years. He is finally doing it this year! I want to live in the South of France.  Guess what?  That bucket item is probably not happening.  A friend of mine has a list of ten amazing cities around the world that she absolutely wants to visit before she leaves this earth. She fastidiously peruses her list each month to see if anything is miraculously checked off.  It isn't yet. Maybe some day....more

What Is Important?

 Ever feel like you’re running around on some tricked out treadmill with turbo boosters but you’re not really going anywhere? Ever feel so stressed out that you forget common courtesy? Like remembering to thank someone for a kindness, call a friend in need, or dare I say, take care of yourself?...more

You're Finally Here...Now What?

You came. I was waiting with opens arms and you finally came. And you came on strong. It’s like you awakened one day and decided you were going to work hard to get all the things you ever wanted in life. And one of the things you wanted was me. Your desire for me was so strong and so sudden that I was somewhat caught off guard. You were ready to give me everything I wanted and desired from you, yet now I was the one hesitating. I was slow to move, slow to react....more

I'm Single and Happy (Yes, It's Possible)

Why are women afraid to be alone? Why does “single” have a negative connation? I tell my acquaintances that I’m single and they immediately start giving me a pity party: “You’ll meet someone,” “It was when I wasn't looking for anyone when I found my future husband,” “You’re young, you still have time”!  The thing is that I actually believe those statements are true, but it’s the context in which they are presented to me that I begin to doubt the validity of the words....more

I Am the Shit

Today I woke up—or should I say I remembered?  I remembered who I was—remembered the beauty I possess. Remembered that my beauty was not defined by a man, not defined by my friends and not defined by society. My beauty is defined by me. Today, I say “I am beautiful.” (Thanks, Christina Aguilera!). Every once in a while, you need a day where you wake up and say “I am the shit.”—this is one of those days. ...more

What Does It Look Like to Live Your Bliss for 90 Years?

Every time I go to an excellent concert, I think about what it would be like if every human were an open conduit for the gifts that they were sent here with. Imagine -- a planet full of healthy, happy people doing the things they were meant to do rather than what they are told they "should" do, rather than living in boxes of "normal." Going to see Dave Brubeck play jazz piano at age 90 was the ultimate illustration of ilving your bliss.  This was self-actualization right before my eyes. ...more