It Took Me 57 Years

Artistic expressionism.  Drive.  Passion.  I get it.  I finally get it after 57 years and 9 months.  And I’m one of the lucky ones.  Many people go their whole lives without getting it.   Many people go through their entire lives in robotic motion, sans emotion, taking up space…wasting precious time.  I don’t want that to be me.  That will not be me!...more

It does open up a new world :) It's funny how life gets in the way of the things you love to do. ...more

Just Do It

How easy is it.... Thinking about doing what is you are supposed to be doing is harder than doing what it is you are thinking about doing.  Confused?  Let me break it down for you. Example of a something you are not doing:...more

A Teacher’s Philosophy


I am a retired educator that just can't stop reading about what I love to do. I have always ...more

Using Your Strengths At Work

Working to your strengths requires that you pay attention to the activities at work that energize you and those that drain you. Once you are able to specifically identify them, you can begin to find ways to shift more minutes each week toward the activities that energize you, and you can find strategies to make those dreaded activities less draining.  ...more

Are you an elephant?

 It has been said that elephants, even as they grow in size and strength, do not attempt to pull away from their tether, not realizing they have the ability. They remain immobilized by a tiny stake placed there in their infancy. Staked to the past, a past that is no longer relevant to who they are or how strong they have become....more

Great post!
It´s incredible how we often choose to cling onto something that happened 15-20-30 ...more

Mirror Moments: How Children Teach Us About Ourselves

Suddenly he burst into tears and cried, "It's not perfect!" He threw his head down onto his folded arms and continued to sob. I stood in silence with my mouth agape. Where did he learn that? Certainly, I had never said that word before. ...more


So true. I bet your son is one happy kid. Sounds like he will have too many good ...more

The Key Ingredients to Developing Impeccable Self-Confidence

Developing impeccable self-confidence is a process; there are no quick answers or short cuts to developing TRUE self-confidence.  I say this because it really bothers me when I come across sites that recommend things like: smiling more, making eye contact, working out and never leaving the house without looking your best, as means to building your self-confidence.  Doing all of those things is really good for your self-esteem and your self-worth but they are not true confidence builder....more

I'm glad you enjoyed the post! It's great to hear you took a big step towards "putting yourself ...more

Not Drinking

Okay, so here is my unsolicited answer to the mostly-unasked (but often inferred) question about why I don't go out and get shitfaced more often (read: at all).I don't like it.Really.It has nothing to do with religious convictions, self-righteousness, experience with people who have drinking problems, my preoccupation with yoga in its various forms, setting a good example for my kids, maintaining my body as a temple, concern that it might upset my mother, or any of the other reasons people have presented and assumed about me for most of my adult life....more

I Know I am in Here Somewhere...My personal journey with weight and now weight loss.

The story begins as far back as I can remember. I have always felt different, bigger, out of place.  In first grade, I even recall making up illness to not have to run a relay race. I never had the confidence in my physical self. Along the way, several experiences and people contributed to the insulation I have always carried to protect myself ~ the fat. Maybe the most pivotal person to contribute was my mother. She always seemed concerned with her size and mine. The junior high years seemed as good a time as any for her to give me some diet pills....more
Yes, I think my mom has always been very concerned about both of our weight. She's 5'7" and ...more

Looking to Build Meaningful Relationships On and Offline? How 'bout Lookin' Within?

Lately I've pondered much about building meaningful relationships on and offline. In one day, here's a sampling of a few conversations about building relationships I learn from tweets: ...more

I am continuallly humbled by how much I want to pour effort into deepening online ...more