How to Get Back on Track With Your New Year's Goals

I had a big celebration when I turned 40 last year. The Chief watched the kids while I took off for an extended weekend trip to Montreal with two dear friends. I was forty and it was fabulous fun!There wasn't as much pomp and circumstance for 41, but every year older is a blessing and I enjoyed a lovely celebration with my family on the beach....more

Self-Care Isn't Always Sweet And Cozy

Some nights, taking care of your mental health means vanilla scented candles and a long bath. On other nights, taking care of your mental health means forcing yourself to do your fucking laundry. I’m in the middle of the first depressive episode I’ve had in nearly a month — in a new city I just moved to, far from the people I’ve known my whole life. I try not to work on these pieces while in such a bad mindset because, well, they usually turn out to be bummers. ...more

Self-Care..Say What Now?

Self-care…Say What Now? I have been incredibly bad about putting myself first.  Like INCREDIBLY bad.  I haven't taken a couple of hours to myself in weeks, months maybe.  There are multiple days in a row I don't shower (shhh, don't tell anyone.)  And sometimes I feel like I am literally at the very end of my rope. ...more

What Is Being Busy Costing You?

3 Mental Health Hacks to Get You Through Low Days

I no longer have the "I don't know what to do for self-care" excuse because I have an entire box of things I can utilize at any moment. I think everyone, whether they have a mental illness or not, knows what it's like to be in total despair and have no idea what to do about it. You're curled up in bed, you don't want to move, and you desperately wish you knew how to make things better. While I don't have the cure to depression (damn, I really wish I did), there are a few tricks that have helped me when I reached that now what? moment. ...more
I use a distraction plan or have one written up in case of  a terrible day, great article and ideas!more

When Parts of Us Get Swooped Away by Motherhood

Leaning up against our piano, across from my little white desk where I’m sitting right now, is an old steel-string guitar in a case that won’t snap shut anymore. I used to play it a little.I bought it when I was in my early 20s on a whim at Homestead Pickin’ Parlor, a quirky little music shop next door to where I worked for an adult literacy program in the basement of a used furniture store. My first “real job” out of college....more

The Importance of Self-Care

It’s a slow rise. One that I am attentively attending to. I anticipated the hard fall. Although I did not anticipate the fall to be as hard as it was. I was prepared for the days that followed. A dear friend of mine loving referred to my journey after my father died as a Forced Rebirth; calling April 7th my Forced Rebirth Day. I’ve embraced that. I’m finding great comfort in it. And in my self-care, I am celebrating it. My life is so very different now....more

How I Forgot Myself And Ended Up With A Miserable UTI

Their worth is in their suffering — and in the praise that is a byproduct of it.I smell bleach. It’s coming from the laundry room, which is right next to my bedroom, where I am, on my bed, propped up on five down-alternative pillows, writing this.I’m in my bed propped up on five down-alternative pillows tonight, because yesterday I was urinating blood. There is bleach in the wash because little kids get their socks really filthy playing outside, and the medication I’m taking turned my urine pumpkin orange....more

Self-Care Saturday Skiing

 It's Saturday and with several days' fresh dusting of snowfall, I'll take whatever I can get to make use of my cross country skis that have been sorely neglected due to a mild Saskatchewan winter. Poor us, right? El Niño has snubbed us our usual winter wasteland. Perhaps it's my Nordic roots, my true Canadian love of the outdoors, or the quiet solitude sought by an introvert, but I do enjoy cross country skiing as my favorite winter pastime. ...more

Importance of Self-Care in Marriage

If you asked me 4 years ago what I like to do for self-care, I would have said I don't do anything because I'm not selfish. So it's no surprise that taking care of me fell down on the priority list. So what changed for me? One simple quote, "When you respect yourself, you respect your body." A lightbulb went off....more