Sexual Self-Care: 10 Valentine's Day Lingerie Ideas for All Body Types

I have a confession to make: I've spent more time over the past 18 months thinking about how tied my self-esteem is to my desirability than I had the entire previous 30+ years.The reasons for this are twofold: 1. I had a baby and 2. I went through a breakup. My confidence took a nosedive for awhile. I'm honestly still working on it, but the number one lesson I've learned is how imperative self-care is. Mental, spiritual, physical...sexual. True story.What's Sexual Self-Care?...more
This was a great article! thanks for the ideas.more

The Sick Guy - Shoot Him, Tend to Him or Learn from Him?

I want to talk about something that just hit me like an anvil upside the head the other day.If you've ever been in relationship with a man, trust me, you've experienced this:The Sick Guy...(shudders...)Perhaps your hackles are already raised. You're envisioning your man, lying in bed, moaning, asking for soup, and lozenges, and a heating pad, and a glass of water, and a large slice of your very soul. And he's asking for all of it in that voice that clearly demonstrates his eminent demise.Here's the play-by-play:...more

Learning to Ask and Dare

Antonio Machado said, "Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk." I've been making my own word strewn path lately. It is flowered with stories. The sky has rained my tears and shined with the brilliance of freshly aired understanding. I have been writing. I have been reading....more

5 Ways to Love Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying “in order to love others, you must love yourself.” I’m not sure who coined that phrase but it is so true. There are many negative things that can happen to us if we don’t practice self-love, but for this post I want to focus on ways to love ourselves so those things don’t come into play.So, what is love? Some people don’t know what love means. I admit that I also was clueless until my late 20s. It took some hard life lessons to learn how to love myself and recognize love from others....more

On Pride

There are a lot of things I have to proud of. Degrees, kids, marriage, friends. I do those things well.But much of the time, I'm proud to get out of my bed in the morning and not get back into it until bedtime.I'm proud to take a shower and wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair.Things are rough right now. The change in seasons, the decreased sunlight, the holidays approaching, my lack of exercise, my perpetual state of's getting to me.  It's pushing me down. Sometimes it feels like it's pulling me down too....more

How Well Do You Understand Yourself?

 In the last few days I’ve had some really cool stuff happen in my life.  I’ve finished a project I’ve been working on for weeks.  I’ve gotten some very good news about big money coming my way.  I’ve made plans for some epic summer adventures. We’ve had weather that heaven would envy, and I’ve had a lot of time to enjoy it outside.  It’s been boatloads of awesome stuff coming my way, and…...more

Cookies and Kindness: how to be kinder to your body and soul

For many people, one of the biggest hurdles to better health is the refusal to engage in self kindness.  How can we achieve better health when we are so unkind to ourselves?...more

I gave myself permission to feel pretty (and it worked!)

I had another 'me' day this past Saturday. It seems like I have been doing that a bit lately. As a mom, I walk the very fine line between what I need/deserve and feeling guilty about spending time away from my family. Mom guilt is a son of a.... I may need to dedicate a whole post to this at some point. ...more

Self Care: You've Got to be Intentional!

"You've got to be intentional when it comes to self-care", says Dr. Hawkins. The centrality of my inside out self-care approach is intentionality and being in community, which improves one's well-being and has a residual affect on others. The key factors addressed are stress management, over-functioning, renewal techniques and support networks....more

Self-care Ideas for Moms

 If I had to describe motherhood in one word,  I'd say it is life-changing. For me, motherhood, hands down, was the singular event that turned my life upside-down. As overwhelming as it is gratifying, motherhood can consume you and make you forget what you were like before it arrived. As a new mom, it's important to exercise self-care to keep your identity (and your sanity). Below are some self-care tips I have found helpful in my experience as a new mom: Daily...more