10-Minute Ways to Unleash Your Inner Athlete

How much can you improve in a sport in just 10 minutes a day? Every month I pick a different goal and spend 10 minutes a day on it. The goal is almost always motivated by frustration – a perpetually messy house inspired Declutter Month; not having a handle on our finances led to Money Month....more

Now (and always) is the time... for self care


Be Still.

Taken by JennRene ...more

The Beauty of Being Self Aware.

Self-evaluation can help you to notice your vulnerabilities.   What’s good about recognizing where you are  a bit weak? Vulnerabilities  can help you strive to be less self-centered and more  in tune  with your life goals.It also offers you a sense of humility and gratitude about where you are in life....more

Finding Beauty In Self-Care

As I grow older and busier, I realized that I tend to prioritize obligations so much that I forget about myself. I skip lunch because I want to finish up an assignment. I eschew a fun board game night or table tennis meet-up because I think I should be taking pictures of products. I bought a bento cookbook, an introduction guide to calligraphy, and printed out Japanese hiragana and katakana lists to refamiliarize myself with the language, but I haven't touched a single one....more
I'm a very emotional person, which I am trying to work on. I know from experience that when I'm ...more

Feeling Beautiful in Pregnancy

I think it's only natural for every woman to want to feel like her best self. When you look good, you feel good! True story.Since we learned that we are expecting, my body has gone through lots of changes. My bod is at the stage right now that I lovingly refer to as pregfat (pregnant plus fat). Instead of pregnant, I mostly just look like a plumper version of myself. All of my regular clothes still fit, but I have an obvious stomach pooch that is no longer suck-in-able but doesn't quite look like there's a baby in there....more

Marinating in Autumn

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The earth laughs in flowers."  If so, then I believe she seduces with the colors of autumn. ...more

Make Beautiful Ripples Wherever You Are

Anxiety courses through me when more than one person needs me at the same time. For instance, not long ago, two very close friends were having a personal crisis at exactly the same moment. One of them was texting me. The other was calling. It all went down on a night that I usually reserved to do fun adventures with my kid.I couldn’t have an adventure with my kid and be there for both friends. I had to choose, and I felt horrible about that decision. It seemed no matter what choice I made, it didn’t feel right because there would be at least two people who I couldn’t help....more

Don't be a baby. Why not?

http://magnoliabeginnings.org/2012/07/26/dont-be-a-baby-why-not/       I think it’s time for me to be more child-like. I’m tired of being adult about everything. ...more

Instead of eating the chocolate this Valentines day, rub it on with this delectable chocolate beauty treat!

It isn't easy for moms to take the time to care for themselves so this Valentines day treat yourself to some Chocomania body butter by The Body Shop! It will leave your skin feeling silky and rich with the sweetest scent of chocolate that will leave everyone wishing you were their valentine....more