The Elusive Joys of Napping

I have been obsessed with napping lately. Unfortunately, not taking naps myself, but admiring those who do. My friend, Alice, takes a nap every day -- every day. Just 20 minutes, but I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Yes, the 20 minutes of sleep is one thing to envy, but the whole ritual of self-care surrounding it is, too....more

Self Care & Owning A Small Business

TheSecondAct This is a post I wrote about the importance of self care when navigating small business ownership. tp://


“It is because Humanity has never known where it was going that it has been able to find its way.” ~ Oscar Wilde ...more

Healing Heartache, Part 2: Listen

This is the 2nd part is a series about Healing Heartache.Ever met anyone who succeeded in convincing him/herself heartache was no big deal? Ever believed him/her? Ever believe yourself? It is a big deal, beyond a big deal. And it doesn't go away. And it doesn't just take care of itself. And time doesn't heal it. Heartache, if left unhealed, can be like a slow emotional suicide. And I for one am very done 'dying.'...more

New Year's Intentions

Wow, a New Year and a New Decade!!! What an exciting time.  Yesterday, I spent time going back through my calendar. I used this time to help me reflect and think about 2009.  There were aspects of 2009 that brought joy, sorrow, frustration, happiness, etc.  ...more

Holistic approach to work

Some time ago I was teaching a class when it occurred to me that those preparing for employment and those currently employed share a common need. The need for self care. It doesn't matter how much money you make or your education if you are not taking care of yourself, your health can easily be compromised.It is common for us to focus outward and neglect the signs that our work life is taking over. The assumption is that if we push hard enough we will get where we need to go faster. It will get easier from there and we can rest later....more

Frank Talk About Special Needs and Hygiene

Most parents fret about their kids' hygiene and how it is affected by factors like circumcision, tooth brushing, or toilet training. Said fretting escalates when the kids in question have special needs, but hygiene doesn't have to be the skunk cabbage in the special needs bouquet -- not if parents do their best to understand why our kids' hygiene can be complicated, encourage self-care, recognize that not all hygiene needs will be rooted in special needs, and help make self-care part of a routine. ...more

Thanks for the kind responses. I really do think it's important to discuss such things openly ...more

Exhausted, but why?

Still on track...oh ya!  But exhausted!  So Wednesday the 9th I woke up early and since my son had slept at his dad's house, I went for a morning walk.  It was actually a beautiful morning with bright sunshine and warm temperature.  So I was proud of myself for getting moving so early, but I got tired during the day.  I hate to admit this...and I honestly can't really explain it, but I sleep horribly whenever my son is at his father's house.  I trust his dad, so its not that I'm worried about his safety or anything like that.  And he has a good bond with h ...more

15 Ways To Say YES to YOU ( Wonderful Fabulous YOU :) )

Ever noticed how quick we are to say no when we want to do something spontaneous, especially for ourselves? I gauged it recently and was rather s h o c k e d at how readily I said no. Why is that I wondered. I took a walk outside and gazed up at the birds who e f f o r t l e s s l y hopped from limb to limb. "They're surely not saying 'no' to the pull to leap to the next limb." I wondered if others are like this...quick to say no to themselves. And then I do what I do. I started pondering a blogpost... ...more

Mostly I say "no" for some very good reason or other, but I too find that it can ...more