Learning From Regrets | Self Care Saturday

Welcome to Self Care Saturday. Today I am happy to introduce Sarah from Sometimesphotojenik as a regular contributor to this series....more

What Are You Saying To Yourself?

What do you say to yourself when you aren't feeling well?Does an internal voice force you to go to work or to that party because it says you aren't that sick?...more

Creating A Self Care Box

One doesn't have warning when an illness is going to hit. ...more

3 Tips For Setting Boundaries

Boundaries can, and should be set with those in our lives who feel they have a right to disrupt our happiness. These people can include close friends, co-workers, and family members. Boundaries are a tool to be utilized to promote self care, and putting ourselves before others. Although that may seem selfish, it’s very difficult for some of us to be fully present with the people around us if we’re unhappy. Sometimes in order to do that, we need to tackle the uncomfortable task of setting boundaries with those who we love dearly, but have a tendency to bring us down....more

That time I came fairly close to dying and thought I was just being lazy

If you know me at all you know lazy really isn't in my lexicon. So, this weekend, when I "just didn't feel like getting out of bed", I gave myself a really hard time."Don't feel like getting out of bed?" I asked myself as I lay there with my head under the pillows. "Sounds like someone wants to use the weekend to her advantage and play hooky from being a housewife. Because, oh, you have it so hard, wah wah wah. Have to do dishes and laundry and go grocery shopping and to kid soccer games. It's SO HARD to be you. What is your problem?"...more

We're Doing It Wrong: Bashing ourselves among friends

I was watching Inside Amy Schumer the other night, and in one of the segments, Amy ran into several girlfriends on the street. They each complimented each other, and the compliment recipient immediately fired back with a self-deprecating rebuttal.-------------------------------------“Amy! Hi! I love your hat!”“Ugh. Are you drunk? I look like an Armenian man ...”-------------------------------------“Ms. Jessica! Congrats on your big promotion biotch!”“I’m gonna get fired in like two seconds ...”------------------------------------...more

Time to Take Care of Mom

Can a seriously abscessed back molar be the painful lesson that finally teaches this busy mom of three the importance of taking care of herself?My oral surgeon hopes it is....more

The Days They Don't Teach You Words For

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” ~ Dory, Finding NemoToday is not a good day.Today I feel bad.Today hurts.I speak four and a half different languages but I still don’t know a word to identify the way I feel today....more