Everyday Love

By Jennifer Urezzio, Contributor – Spiritual Affairs“You must love yourself before anyone else can…”...more

Exercise for ADHD

Yesterday we had a break from all of the heat and humidity that's been so much a part of this summer. The temperature was in the low 70's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so I decided to ditch the gym in favor of a walk.Armed with my iPod and sunglasses, I got in 2 miles in about 30 minutes. I got to see some of my neighbors and enjoy the peace and quiet.That walk was good for me in so many ways....more

Being Me from "A to Z"

What an adventure, to be remembered. Early Saturday morning, "The Aviator" (aka husband) and I jumped in the rental car and headed down the coast in search of the Ka'aawa Valley Ranch. This was fun, yet challenging. The highway in Hawaii was a one lane road up the shore. Once we arrived, we had a chance to meet the other runners and check out the view of where we were going to be exploring! ...more

Turn the Page

Yesterday I turned a page in the book that is my life.It has felt, at times, as though this book was ripped from my hands and tossed carelessly aside, with no regard for its protective cover and certainly no respect for its contents.I’ve watched, helpless, as the wind blasted through and whipped the pages, tearing some and removing others entirely.I’ve set it aside, hoping by some miracle that it will be intact when I next peek at it.I’ve tried to cover this book, to bind it, to patch its holes.I’ve accepted it will not be the same book it once was....more

The different faces of health

I have been ruminating over the fact that "health" looks different on every person. Just like no two people look the same, no two healthy lifestyles look the same. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that the healthy way we live is the healthy way everyone should live, but this isn't necessarily the case. ...more

Finding yourself in serving others

Last week I wrote about the importance of making our own needs a priority in our lives....more

Doing Things For Ourselves Cause Ripples

I felt that every day was exactly the same as the last. I woke up to the exact same tasks every day, and it was monotonous. I was so bored with everything and nothing seemed to change except that my children were slightly larger and didn’t really want me to be around as much as they used to. I didn’t know what to do. ...more
Its early morning over here in Indonesia and I stumbled upon this article, somehow I dont ...more

My book review of Mary Ann Tassey's Medical Records Journal .... Just posted ...

Posted my review of Mary Tassey's Medical Records Journal at The Librarian's Review of Books, http://librariansreviewofbooks.blogspot.com...more