An Open Letter to A Friend

Open letters seem to be all the rage, so I’m throwing my ass into the ring and writing one. Why not say these things to my friend (or friends) privately, face to face, over Tequila shots in a bar?...more

10 Ways to Re-Claim Yourself After a Break-up

RenaA break up can be a wake up call – to yourself. After tears, anger and blame comes hopefully, a time for healing and self-reflection.It’s also a time to re-claim yourself. Rediscover the you that is still there, even though you may be on your own. Of course, this sounds so easy and common sense, right? But the fact is, many women lose themselves in their relationships and with the busy-ness that comes with child-rearing (for those who have them) and truly have to dig a little to allow the time to focus on themselves....more

Would You Remove Your Cast Before Your Broken Arm Is Healed?

My dad asked me this the other day after he read my previous blog post, "Journey in Trying to Calm the Hell Down."  He was concerned when he saw that I was getting anxious about returning to work.  He was concerned that all the effort I've put in during the past few weeks to calm my mind and gut down would all go to hell if I boarded the anxiety train again.  He asked me not to worry about returning to work, in that he meant for me not to return to work.  He again told me to fuck everything, (when I...more
Hi Barbara...thanks so much for your comment and for sharing your story with me.  You're so ...more

PSA: Listen To Your Body!

Show of hands: how many of you listen to your body? Uh-huh. Same here. Over the years I have been a pretty stubborn person when it comes to going to the doctor. I’m not talking about physicals and womanly checkups and such. Those I do, no problem. What I mean is, when something out-of-the-ordinary comes up, I typically dig my heels in for as long as possible (Queen of Denial) rather than call my doctor. I usually make the call once Jim and I get into an argument discussion about how hard-headed I am. ...more
So true!  I found a lump two months after a  mammogram.  It was cancer.  Listen to your body!!more