Feel, Forgive, Repeat

Sometimes, even making the right decision feels like failure. Then what?...more

It's Okay To Be Disappointed

How many have you gotten your hopes up for something you really wanted, only to have it slip from your fingertips? Plenty, right? Now think of when you went to a friend and expressed how upset you were about it. How often you've been told to "cheer up" or "it could be worse" or "don't throw yourself a pity party"? Pretty often as well I imagine. Well, I'm here to tell you to throw that pity party, wallow under the covers on the couch, cry, stuff your face, sit in those feelings of disappointment so that you can work through them....more

Top five ways to get out of a funk

What is a funk? I have referenced this term for sadness since I was 18 years old. I remember having a mini spiral journal that said "fat lil notebook" on it. On my breaks at Coffee News, where I learned the fine art of foaming milk- I would scribble thoughts down about roommate drama, and crushed feelings while chain-smoking Camel Wides. An entry would start with, "I'm in a funk," and proceed with all the happenings in underground rave culture. At that time, I didn't have much insight into what that really meant, but felt a generalized feeling of unrest and dissatisfaction with life....more

To Thine Own Self Be True

What are you doing to ensure that you are being true to the important woman in your life? Yes, I do mean you!...more

Something’s missing on your to-do list…

Ready to find out what’s missing on your list? YOU!...more

Are Mother’s Selfish?

Buds on the trees, and I see the woodpecker who visits every year in our apple tree.  Sesame, our cat, is chirping at the window wat...more

We could all use a heavy dose of "feel good" and self-care right now.

Jessica Barrett@jessbarretttnwww.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.comOver the last several years, I've really loved learning as much as I can about things like "the power of the mind" and how what you think has so much to do with who you become; your health, your relationships, your successes....more
Meditation. I have an app on my phone to encourage me to do it daily. But it's difficult to ...more

Heal in your own way

If you are looking for a Great read in learning to heal yourself in your own way- Start with Louise L. Hay Book ( You can heal your life)   Here is the Link: http://www.hayhouse.com She has other books that will inspire you and give you tools to use with Self-Care.  Anyone that is in a place in their life- looking for deeper meanings and learning from their life lessons, some of her readings might help you find ways to over come your own obstacles.  ...more

Emotional Care

Yesterday, I spoke on physical self-care.  Honestly, I believe that the physical aspect is probably the easiest to improve and manage.  Emotional self-care is more difficult by far. Taking care of yourself emotionally means making some difficult choices.  Is everyone in your life healthy for you?  Are there toxic people or relationships that really need to go?  We all seem to have that friend who disguises a slam as "just trying to help" or "thought you would want to know". Actually, no....more

An Open Letter to A Friend

Open letters seem to be all the rage, so I’m throwing my ass into the ring and writing one. Why not say these things to my friend (or friends) privately, face to face, over Tequila shots in a bar?...more