Lessons Learned from Taking (Guitar) Lessons

I recently took up the guitar. I've always been fairly musical. I took piano for 10 years as a child. I'm one of those adults who can look back and say, ruefully, "I would have been really good if only I'd practiced..." I sang in my school choirs from middle school through college. I've always enjoyed how easily music comes to me, but I've become rusty over the intervening years of not exercising my gift....more

Day 10: Putting Myself Less

I’m tired and in a hurry so I used the NaBloPoMo prompt: “C.S. Lewis said, ‘Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.’ How good are you of placing others before yourself?”I’m pretty good at it, particularly when I’m thinking about how others are thinking about me. Just kidding. Maybe. I used to always have in mind what a close friend says: “you wouldn’t worry so much what others thought about you if you knew how seldom they do.” This is extremely comforting....more

25 Self-Care Techniques For Busy Women

As women we are constantly on the move and often forget about self-care techniques. Rarely do we slow down to enjoy ourselves and allow time for relaxation and rejuvenation.However, we all know the benefits of taking care ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Spending just 5 minutes a day focusing solely on you helps you to revive yourself and rest the parts of you that are in motion 24/7....more

How to Make a Difficult Decision

 "Take the lighted path, no matter how dimly lit." ~Simran Singh ...more

Simple Pleasures or, My Knitting High OR, How to Avoid Being a Sourpuss

This is a post about self-care, and nothing is more important to self-care than kittens....more

Honoring My Vow~ " I DO “

The time is NOW for validating my feelings and dismissing my regrets.  I’m affirming to honor my vow~ ” I Do… seek to absolutely and lovingly take care of me for better or worse.”...more

33 Caffeine-Free Ways to Recharge the Tired Heart

Lately I've been feeling tired.  No, not just tired -- exhausted....more

Who is Draining Your Emotional Energy?

We all have people in our lives that have a tendency to drain our emotional energy.  It may be a family member, a child, our boss or a friend.What I have come to understand is that everyone wants to be loved.  People do not come into our lives purposefully to drain us emotionally.  We allow it to happen.  I see two aspects of how this happens....more

Responding to the Call of Self-Love

What is Self-Love?For me, Self-Love means that I am making my needs a priority in my life.Society teaches women to put the needs of others in front of ourselves.  For years I did that.  Work came first.  When I married, my husband came first.  Then when my daughter was born her needs also came before mine....more