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Staying Healthy: For Myself and for My Son

I have to be strong to be Leo's mom. Both physically and mentally. Not just now, but forever. My son needs me to be healthy and have stamina -- because however intense his needs are now, he will need as much if not more support when he becomes a man, and I need to be able to take care of him. He's almost ten, nearing puberty, nearer to adulthood than not -- I need to take care of health factors over which I have control, so that I can be here for him as long as possible. ...more

How it goes and what you're doing to take care of yourself, so we can learn too.

I hope ...more

Do-It-Yourself Healthcare: A Smart Idea?

The other day I was debating merits of DIY healthcare with my buddy, Brian Klepper, PhD -- healthcare analyst and pundit extraordinaire. He is not a fan, preferring instead to have better, stronger, more informed, technologically enabled physicians working in accountable care organizations. I am also a big believer in ACOs, patient-centered medical homes, and informed physicians -- and all that stuff -- but I think health care consumers (aka patients) are going to want to control more of their healthcare than they are currently able to do today. ...more

It was present even before the Internet. If you can't afford an appointment with a physician you ...more

When Do YOU Come First?

 Self-care, a novel idea for most of you. For me too, but I’m learning. As a nurse, we tell our families they need to take of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones when they are better. We forget to take our own advice....more

Relieving Stress with Authenticity

“I know it’s a big, DUH!” said my friend. “There is almost no pain when I am being authentic to my own needs and feelings.” It was so well-put, I felt compelled to share it with a little commentary on why this is vital to living well when we are facing big challenges....more

Why Do I Feel Guilty When It Comes To Spending $ On Myself?

I constantly feel guilty when it comes to spending money on myself.My grey hair has been showing more these days. So decided to go to the hair salon to color & highlight my hair. Called & cancelled twice before today. Was just going to call & cancel again when I happened to tune in to Oprah's show where Dr. Christiane Northrup was talking about how important it is for women to take care of ourselves or else the body/mind/spirit would just breakdown. This usually happens after age 35....more

Selflessness & Martyrdom

“It’s good to be selfless, right,” my friend said after she had agreed to holiday plans she knew would batter her emotionally. “Depends on what you mean by selfless,” I replied. “You’re afraid to upset your family, so you’re sacrificing your authentic needs and guaranteeing that you will suffer, just to give them what they want and keep the peace. Since I don’t think you’re going to squeeze an ounce of pleasure out of this, I won’t call it masochism. Looks like a clear-cut case of martyrdom to me.”...more

A Moment of Truth member Barb sent in this lovely prose recently, and has granted us permission to share it with the community. “My Truth” pain, heartache, anxiety and loss are all life's way of inviting me to grow it requires me to name my sorrows, to identify and explore their cause, to see their manifestation, to acknowledge the fear and sadness in my response to what has become a inconsolable longing inside. ...more

Wisdom From Phil

Remember Phil from Australia, who boldly shared his pink-painted pinky picture with the world? He has even more pinky wisdom to share this week. My Favorite Day of the Week: Chooseday! As I wake up every morning I realize that everything that I am about to do on this day will be done as a complete choice on my part. Yes... everything! Because I realize that, I do my best to choose wisely, and here are some of my favorite choices: ...more