The Lift and Gift of Beautiful Moments

BlogHer is doing an editorial series on beautiful moments, and I decided to participate. There are so many deep, meaningful moments in a life that are beautiful. These can include giving birth, which I haven’t done, or sharing a laugh with someone you love, which I have certainly done many times. ...more

10 Self-Care Tips for Parents with Kids on the Spectrum

When do I possibly have time for a nap? It's about how to find the time. I often discuss the importance of self-care with parents of clients on the Spectrum. Self-care is incredibly important in any situation that is demanding, stressful, and time-consuming. Research conducted in 2009 at University of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that mother's of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans.How individual families go about managing time for self-care will depend on their circumstances. We don't expect all of these suggestions to work all of the time, for everyone in every situation, but hopefully they can help you brainstorm creative ways to take good care of yourself...more

Sometimes Clients Are The Best Teachers

I used to get the strangest reactions from people when I told them I was a substance abuse therapist. Usually it went something like this:"Oh my, God bless you.""Oh, that must be so hard. What amazing work you do.""Really? So what are they like?""What's the craziest thing anyone has ever done?""Has anyone ever threatened you?"My personal favorite was from my mortgage consultant when I refinanced my house. She said, "Boy, it takes a different sort of bird to do that kind of work." Um, thanks?...more

Loving Prenatal Yoga

Inspired by my friend Justine's recent post about yoga over at the Lone Home Ranger, I'm finally writing this post. It's been in my head for a while but blogging has been on the back burner for the last few weeks! I've done a lot of non-pregnant yoga in my life. I did Bikram yoga for years and also some vinyasa flow and some basic hatha yoga. Yoga always makes me feel better. No matter how reluctant I was to get up and get moving, I'm always glad I did. ...more

Why I Want to Quit Blogging (but probably won't)

It's true. Some days I think about what life would be like if I quit blogging. I think about how much time I would have to waste doing other things. I'm pretty sure my house would still be less than perfect. I'm realistic enough to know I probably wouldn't replace my blogging time with cleaning or laundry. I like to think I would spend more time working in the garden.   ...more
 @wdolderer Definitely! It's all about having fun! And I'm sure as a crafty blogger you have to ...more

What is an RFA?

When I was a child I was taught a song in Sunday School that went something like this:Jesus and others and youWhat a wonderful way to spell joyJesus and others and youin the life of each girl and each boy“J” is for Jesus for He has first place,“O” is for others you meet face to face,“Y” is for you, in whatever you do,Put your self third and spell JOY....more

Life Well Lived Series

Once again, I have been asked by BlogHer staff to answer a couple of questions about finding balance and happiness in life. The inquiry this go-around was: ...more

Dreaming in Realities


Rollover mopes

A friend of mine told me that she allows five minutes a day to mope or feel sorry for herself. I like the idea of slotting "five-minute mope" in the day minder.Remember Holly Hunter’s short, stupendous bout of hysterics in “Broadcast News”? I aspire to that sort of efficient catharsis.But I’d also like the option of setting aside the unused minutes, for those times when I need a longer session of self-pity. Thus I suggest a new personal indulgence: Rollover mopes....more