I Don't Care About Your Diet or Your Extra Five Pounds

It's that time of the year when everyone is abuzz with New Year's resolutions. They include "lose weight," "exercise more," "get healthy," and a million others in between. I'm not against resolutions, but what I do hate to see is an unrealistic attitude and approach on the losing weight one -- and the biggest offenders are women. ...more
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I hated my nose

I hated my nose. It was small, flat, wide and people would often tell me it was "cute". I hated it when people said that, or would draw attention to it. It is a Filipino nose, inherited from my Dad's side of the family - that distinctive nose that so many have and makes us easily recognizable when you know what to look for.  ...more

Under Rocks

There are certain sayings that you repeat in conversations with people. Personally, I have my favorites and I cycle through them. Lately, I notice I've been mentioning how "I live under rocks". ...more

Self Confidence: Do You Have It?

Self-confidence is defined in the merriam-webster dictionary as confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities. In this age of selfies and the eagerness to show others via social media how fabulous our lives are, it's easy to brag and fake an appearance of contentment even when we're not. We can easily seem confident by how we speak, dress, and interact with others. However, how we treat ourselves, the relationships we choose to engage in and the activities we choose to be a part of may say otherwise....more

Dear Abby, My Mom is VERY Proud of My Weight

This morning I saw a post about Dear Abby on The Anti-Jared. Appears a young woman was told by her mother she couldn't wear her bikini to the family pool gatherings. At first Abby suggested the woman should follow her mother's wishes as it is her home and her rules....more

On Taking Risks and Being Brave

A few months back, my high school friend Mary Catherine did a lovely interview with me for her blog, Starr Struck.In the interview, she mentioned that she'd always considered me to be comfortable with myself, and comfortable taking risks. This was both wonderful and surprising to read....more

Show the world the real you

Last week, I went out to lunch with a friend of mine that struggles with her weight. I know that weight is something that she gets upset about so I didn’t breach the topic until she did. I have known her at her lowest weight as well as her highest and have loved her always. She is honestly one of the most amazing people I have ever known, yet for some reason she labels herself as overweight. She is compassionate, stunningly beautiful, kind, intelligent, hilarious, brave, creative, quirky, and inspirational....more

A Letter to Kid Me: Everyone is Their Own Kind of Weirdo

A friend of a friend has started a web site meant to help inspire the next generation of women toward self empowerment. Take It From Us collects letters from women to their younger selves, letters filled with advice, insight, and perspective from life beyond youth....more

"The Strut": Cross a Room with Confidence

Want to know why women travel in packs? Imagine sitting in a crowded pub, surrounded by hustling, nice-looking servers, tables full of young women dressed to the nines, young 20-something men threaded throughout the action, watching every movement of the nearest attractive female.  Now substitute any social situation for this scenario, populate it with any group of people, and mix in whatever age you like....more

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