Everything I Know About Running I Learned From 'The Little Engine That Could'

My favorite book growing up was The Little Engine That Could.I hadn’t thought much about the book until one of my last trips home. I found my childhood copy amongst the things that my parents kept from so many years ago.In reading the book for the first time since childhood, I was struck by how much of my running career, and my life, is reflected in that Little Blue Engine....more

Love Is More Than Skin Deep: What My Daughter Taught Me About My Skin Disorder

 I was thirty years old when I started to disappear, each day a little more― piece by piece. At first it didn’t bother me that much. Divorced with two small children, three tiny white spots were the least of my worries, but each day the spots grew bigger. Uneven white patches where pigment was disappearing overtook my chest, my neck, and my arms. The stark contrast between my healthy tanned skin and the white patches made it impossible to ignore. On the same schedule, my self-esteem and my pigment continued to fade....more

Iris Apfel: Lessons in Confidence

The documentary Iris - the last by the late and great Albert Maysles, who made my other favorite documentary of all time, Grey Gardens - was released in April.  I only finally - finally! - saw it. Thank you, On Demand. I knew before seeing it that what makes Iris so special is the unique way she sees the world. How fitting that she be called Iris, as her eyes view things so differently. I also knew she'd have to have an enormous amount of confidence. The glasses, the jewelry, the clothes, the self-designation as a "geriatric starlet."...more

Self-Love Manifesto

It is a radical idea to love yourself.  Don’t believe me?  There are entire industries devoted to making you insecure of your physical attributes.  It has been said that, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself [and I would add, loving yourself] is a rebellious act.”  It’s radical.  We so easily internalize these negative messages from the media, our friends, our family, our loved ones – people and inst...more

How Authentic Heart-Based Art Can Help You Build Self-Confidence

Making something with your own two hands is a powerful activity that can definitely be a self-confidence booster. Be it drawing a picture for your child that they cheer for, coloring in a coloring book, making a blanket for a friend or loved one, or scrapbooking, the act of connecting with your heart through art is another beautiful way to increase your self-confidence and sense of self-worth....more

The Truth about Self-Confidence and 4 (or 5) Techniques Than Can Help

Where has the time gone? Three weeks since my last written post. Around here we’re trying to savor the last few dwindling days of summer. My oldest daughter heads back to school next week. My youngest daughter will head to daycare, for the first time, the following week. I will head to a local community college for a statistics class the week after that....more

Fashion Forward

Last week I bought a new dress.It took me a long time to make up my mind to buy it. It’s not my usual thing. It’s red and fitted – no, downright snug – and cut alarmingly low in the front. It’s sophisticated and sexy. The fabric has just enough give that it’s comfortable, not confining, and I loved it from the moment I put it on....more

You Are Not Too Sensitive

You are just plain sensitive.You may have been too sensitive for your mother to comfortably know how to handle.You were almost certainly too sensitive for the third grade.But you are not too sensitive for the world....more
There's sensitive and there's caring, one being easily triggered by others' words, silences, ...more

How To Make Perfect Choices – Every Time

I woke up very early on the Saturday before Easter and took a beach walk. The sky and the sea were the same shade of ever-lightening gray, and there was no one else in sight. As I walked, I prayed, and the voice came to me and said, “Quit thinking you’re doing this wrong.”I stopped.“Quit thinking you’ve screwed up. You are leading your life in precisely the right way. Your life is unfolding perfectly.Not the way you’d planned, I know -But still: diamond-perfect.”...more