I Don't Need a Man to Walk Me to My Car. But I Want One.

One of the reasons I chose to live in this small town was its low crime rate. I know most of my neighbors (even if some of them aren't my favorite people in the world), and I've never felt unsafe. I often walk my dogs late at night right through the middle of downtown without a second thought in regards to my safety....more
We don't all leave at the same time.more

The Slippery Slope of Street Harassment

What is Street Harassment?Behavior that is disrespectful, inappropriate, and threatening to women in a public setting.Specific behaviors include public and unwanted staring, leering, whistling, catcalling, commenting, hooting, hissing, propositioning, following, embarrassing, humiliating, exposing, self-pleasuring, touching, groping,threatening, stalking, assaulting, and more.Street Harassment is a form of Bullying ...more

Politely Powerless: When Self-Defense Fails

Yesterday, I suffered unwanted sexual advances from a man in a way that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word for. Was it molestation? Sexual assault? Too nuanced to label? Interestingly, the reactions of others only added to the confusion. ...more

I relate strongly to your reaction in the situation, it upsets me to read it because it reminds ...more

How to Stay Alive


The great part is that self-defense starts with something you can work on, minus a class: ...more

Women and Self-Defense: how necessary? how to make time? for your daughter?

Statistics provided by RAINN state that: 1/4 women will be sexually assaulted during their college careers Over 1 million cases of Aggrevated Assault are reported each year Many of the girls I know have never been part of a self-defense program because:-Its expensive-Its time consuming-It seems corney-They think attacks cannot happen to them-They dont have a good school near them-Its not always funIm asking YOU: ...more

I've had this topic on my todo list for several months.  I really want to take martial ...more

Avoiding Vehicle Attacks

According to a national crime victimization survey report titled, "Violence Against Women," conducted and reported by Ronet Bachman, Ph.D., with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., 43 percent of the attacks on women were by strangers and occurred outside the home. ...more

Street Smarts For Women: Know Them, Use Them

Walking through the parking lot that afternoon, I was sure I knew how to keep myself safe. I scanned my surroundings and knew I was alone; I kept away from the building as I turned the corner so I could see what was around it. I strode to the car and slipped the key in the lock. Then I was attacked from behind. He had emerged quietly from the van next to the car, and his arms were tight around my neck. ...more