Pepper Spray Pen or Stun Pen for College

What could be more perfect than to have a self defense product that blends right in with the college scene? ...more

Send Your Child Safely to College

Fall is gradually getting closer and before you know it, your daughter or son will be headed back to college or going for the first time. ...more

Shopping for a Gun or Taser?

There has been an increase of firearm purchases recently in the U.S. Whether this increase is due to the government administration considering the return of restrictions on semi automatic weapons or the increase in crime, Americans are buying ammunition and firearms by the thousands. ...more

What You Need to Know About Stun Guns

It all started when Thomas Edison decided to endorse the use of the electric chair to a state commission seeking alternatives ways for capital punishment. Of course stun guns today are not set up to be lethal, but they sure hurt and disable you temporarily! ...more

Don't take my Taser!

Many of us are traveling for Spring Break, business meetings or other planned events. Some of us will go to the airport instead of driving or taking a train to our destination. As a safety precaution we always carry a self defense product such as a Taser. Beware that your self defense product, be it a Taser, mace pepper spray or stun gun are considered hazardous materials in airports. ...more

I see that you're invested in Taser International yourself, selling them from your site. That ...more