Holiday Safety Tips for Women

Santa Claus is coming to town and he won't be alone. ...more

Kung Fu Grannies: Women Who Fight

When I read the headline “Kung fu grannies ready to fight rapists” I immediately clicked on the link. I was angry. I love the martial arts and I think self defense is necessary for all women and girls, but I wondered who would harm someone’s grandmother?The article goes on to state that “1 in 5 rape victims in Kenya is over the age of 60” and the men rape the grandmothers in the belief that they will be cured of AIDS or that they will be “cleansed” of prior crimes. I’m not sure I believe any of the reasons. What’s going to cleanse them of the crime of rape?...more

Trust Your Gut: Keeping Safe in an Unsafe World

Years ago I read Gavin de Becker's book "The Gift of Fear." If you haven't ever read it, you really should. I had seen him on the Almighty Oprah and listened intently to her interview with him. He talked about the presence of a sixth sense, and said how when something is wrong, people can sometimes pick up on it if they allow themselves to trust their gut. ...more