Once upon A Dessert Boutique...My Journey

I have traveled a very long road to get to where I am, and I would like to share my journey with anyone who is contemplating starting a new business. Maybe I have had more road blocks than most, but the road has been long and very exhausting, and dispite everything I have been through, I wouldn't go back, it has been worth it all. I am still not out of the woods and I'm still not even sure I will come out on top, but I'm not giving up. I am so very passionate about what I do that I can't just quit, not now. So I am here to share with you, my daily trials and tribulations....more

Victim or Victor?

When you subscribe to the belief that everything is out of your control, you give up your power.  To create the life of your dreams, you don’t have to be smarter, better connected nor luckier than anyone else. You’ve only got to be willing to take control of your life. Start now by doing these things:...more