Rumination is when we mentally replay the same negative scenario over and over again without any advancement towards closure.  It has been fairly well established that women generally ruminate more than men and there is also a good set of theories on why that is; we are more invested in relationships, we are more insecure and less powerful and we have so much more to ruminate about.  ...more

Let's Agree to Face Our Fear


The Not-Good-Enough Mother

I used to think that my intense desire to have children, to be a mother, was enough. It’s not. You have to have more than desire. You have to be more than needy. I face a truth over and over again: I am not a good-enough mother. It’s in the details. I am not good enough in Situation A with Process B. I am not good enough at modeling Behavior XYZ. I do not respond to Tantrum of Intensity #524 with the proper level of Calming Voice Version #683. It’s in the Overall. Good Mother = Someone Else. Me = Poser....more

i will never be good enough. i cheated on my husband. I proved i'm human and weak. I will never ...more