Quotes on Forgiveness

There are many times in life that we may feel hurt, cheated, and done wrong. Through it all it is important to follow the art of forgiveness. It is important to both forgive yourself and the person that hurt you.  This will give you the personal freedom to grow and see the grace, lesson, and blessing in the situation. Forgiveness is not an easy task and it a process of personal growth and development. As we strengthen our understanding we see the power and healing forgiveness will bring.Quotes on forgiveness....more

Addressing Bullying from the Inside Out

Is it enough to simply tell our children not to bully? Or should we walk them through a process that might increase their understanding of why bullying is not acceptable at any age? In our class, we seek to address the topic of bullying through a process of self-reflection. Try it with yourself and then try it with a child, see if it brings about a different perspective of bullying for you and your child. For regardless of what people think about bullying, it is not limited to the playground. Kids often model the behavior of their parents. Is that which they model a positive reflection of you at your best, being your best to others?...more

Just Because Someone Says You Stink, Doesn't Make Them Right!

Kathy Caprino Hello! How’s your week going?  Great, I hope. Personally, I’ve had a few hard knocks this week from several people who indicated they’d like to offer constructive feedback, but then proceeded to tear down and put down. Constructive or Destructive?...more

Reflection Thursday - Perseverance

This week has been a trying one to say the least! Quite frankly it seems like each week is becoming more and more of a test for me! So while thinking about my difficult week and all my other “life issues” somehow the word perseverance pops in my head! What is it to persevere? The dictionary defines it as follows: 1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly. ...more

Spring Is The Time To Sing!

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!" Spring Is The Time To Sing!©2006 Beth Lawrence ...more

a plant for peaceful warrior women and wise men

a plant for peaceful warrior women and wise men This week's Moonday Post... These last few days have felt like spring in Manhattan with brilliant blue skies and a carnival atmosphere on the streets of the East Village. Yesterday I walked by children carrying bunches of cut daffodils and people dancing to jazz music in Tompkins Square Park. ...more