They Like Me! (Or Maybe They Don't. And I Don't Care.)

Image Credit: Spirit Science Most of us want to be liked, right?  It's human nature, isn't it, to crave acceptance, to want to be part of a tribe?  But worrying about whether people like you can be debilitating....more

Gosh, You’re Attractive

It’s true.Sometimes it may feel like how good-looking a person is (or isn’t) is the only thing that ever mattered in the world.  But guess what?  It’s not your features that make you attractive.  Nope, it’s not your body, either.Your physical appearance has almost nothing to do with how attractive you are.  Soak that in for a minute.  I think this is important, so I’m going to say it again:...more

The Growth Of Me

 As a disturbed teen (typical, with voices in my head) I always used to think that I will forever reside in the labyrinth of thoughts in my head - never growing as a huma...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Chin Up, Dear!

Image Courtesy of Janine Truitt and Gap, Inc.Series Introduction...more

You aren't that good at this; and that's OK

You're at a party. Not a children's birthday party (for a change) but a party with only grownups. Some of the guests are talking about politics, others are talking about their new hobbies or careers and still others are discussing literature. You find yourself chatting with a person who has lived an extraordinary life. As they continue talking you learn how they have had success at sports, in the business world and in their family life. They tell you about the places they've traveled to....more

Worthiness & A Legacy to My Daughter

As a child, I was “blessed” with an overwhelming sense of compassion for others; as I grew older that was unfortunately paired with indescribable feelings of worthlessness.I pretty much assured my place at the bottom of my own priority list.All of my relationships (be they familial, friendships, intimate relationships) have all felt one-sided, with me feeling like I care more about them than they do me. Of course this was (is) never the case, but my deflated self-esteem convinced me I was the lesser important of the two, and so my own happiness remained low on the list....more

Body Image Solution: Elastic Pants

My thirties hit me a couple of years ago, and my metabolism went down the sh*tter. I miss the days when I could work out a reasonable, non-obsessive amount, eat moderately, go out drinking 'til 2 in the morning then have a greasy pizza, and still wake up thin everyday. Now, if I eat one potato chip, what I wake up like in the morning is a crap shoot. I don't get it; I really don't. I'm practically a different size everyday, fluctuating up and down, never knowing when or why I'll wake up bloated. I used to be able to predict bloat days, but sadly, this seems to be no longer the case....more

"Student of the Month" is Stupid

“I’m pretty much guaranteed to never be Student of the Month,” my oldest son tells me. He is in the third grade. This is a harsh thing for an 8 year-old to believe. I would love to tell him that even though in the three previous years at his school he has never received this “honor”, there is always hope. Unfortunately, I made a promise not to blatantly lie to my children....more

Motherhood and Marriage: Where's the Love?

I recently read a blog from a woman who was bemoaning the underappreciated role of women.  It was the usual, “we do much and get nothing in return” stuff that is so prevalent in the blogosphere these days.  She went on to say that since we are under appreciated we should do less.  Well actually, she seemed to feel we should do less and expect more praise....more