Ten Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

It seems to be such a rare thing to find a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. And with good reason, I think. There are far too many people who stand to profit from keeping women insecure, preoccupied and dissatisfied with how they look, to extremely detrimental effect to women, girls and society overall. So when I encounter one of these unicorn women, I am fascinated. ...more
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You Are Enough!

You Are Enough!The awesome people at Anima remind us that we women are created perfectly in the image of the Holy Spirit Mother....more

Looking for Prejudice? You'll Find It.

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Here's What I Really Think About Women

I was perfectly happy easing myself into the world of blogging. I started blogging for a company I used to work for (FlexJobs.com -- they are AMAZEBALLS) and loved every minute of it. When I went out on my own, I thought I would start with two of my most current and timely passions -- careers and transitioning to a plant-based, gluten-free life....more

Big, fat, hairy lies

A glance at the clock jarred me. I had to get changed and leave as soon as possible to make it back to the high school on time.After donning a frumpy pink dress, I looked in the mirror. While not flattering, it didn’t reveal every roll of fat on my torso. A quick analysis of my cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose showed no new zits for once.But then there was my hair. It hung limply around my face, still damaged from pointless junior high perms. It was oily, but there was no time to wash and dry it before the spring band concert....more

No More Resolutions

New Year's Eve is upon us, and you know what that means: resolutions. Though there may be four or five people who make New Year's Resolutions and actually stick to them, the vast majority of people don't....more

Even our motivating messages contradict themselves (warning: Rant Post!!)

Cheesy or not, I love me some motivating fitspo messages.  I join FB groups and Twitter feeds because they provide me with some daily uplifting messages that can sometimes give me that extra push I need.  Then I saw this one today: At first, I was all "WOO-HOO" because I am so struggling wit...more

50 Lbs. Heavier Than A Vogue Model - And Happy!

Oh yoo-hoo…Diet Industry, Beauty Magazines, Madison Avenue…I’ve got something to SAY to you:I weigh 165 pounds.That’s it.  No remorse or explanation. I’m not ashamed, perturbed, or disturbed in any way.  Which is really good news for me, but not so great news for you.  Oh stop sniveling. Yeah, I know, you can’t manipulate me anymore.  But here’s an idea: maybe you could try and find a more honorable way of making a living.Not only am I OK with my weight of, I’ll say it again: 165 pounds, I’m ECSTATIC over it. I once weighed 345 pounds.  Do you know how this must feel?  Of COURSE you don’t.  If you ever suffered the humiliation of being large in a fat-phobic society, or have known the abject frustration of failing at the maniacally devised human mouse traps and self-esteem-crushers known as diets, you would be unable, in good conscience, to continue preying on the misery of others.It may interest you to know I hoisted the 180-pound monkey off my back through clean eating, listening to my body’s hunger cues, exercising regularly, and deciding to go head-to-head with the demons that drove me to binge-eat.Now that I’m free, I know that health and balance is a total mosaic. The number on the scale for me is no longer the ultimate indicator of this. I weigh above what many women, and certainly the modeling and entertainment industry deem acceptable. But I don’t care anymore. I could choose to spend considerable energy on getting that number down another 20 or 30 pounds, but it seems I’ve reached a comfortable place and my body is happy. I workout moderately, eat clean, and quite frankly, I’m not interested in being any more rigorous than I am. That’s not to say I’ll stop accepting challenges, but enough’s enough. It’s OK to be happy with myself, even if it in no way matches the media images we’re all fed ad infinitum.OK Truth-Seekers..I want to hear from you.  Many of you have found Peace, Love, and Fitness through a way of living that does not include gimmicks and legalized torture.  Are you happy with yourself, or constantly wringing your hands because you don’t think you look good enough or weigh what you ‘should’ weigh?My story does not have a Sports Illustrated ending to it…so what? Just because I’ll never be whisked away to Bora Bora for a Kleenex-with-straps couture photo shoot doesn’t mean my life is bereft of happiness or meaning. My thighs are not smooth as ceramic. The stretch marks were embedded at age 11, the bikini ship has sailed and I know it.  And somehow, I’m still walking upright, happier than I’ve ever been and grateful beyond measure for my freedom.Who’s with me in the Victory Charge?  If enough of us rally, the ad and diet industry will one day be FORCED to find a more honorable way of making a living. ...more

Afro is Not a Dirty Word!

This is my beautiful daughter.Of course, I think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world…She’s just the whole package. She’s smart, she’s funny, and just look at that face. And those curls!Man, I love her hair.She has this funny saying when she wears it out.She says she’s “letting it fly”.It fits her personality so well.A happy free spirit with the biggest heart.Letting her hair “fly”....more

10 simple ways to boost your kiddo’s self-esteem

 Self-esteem is defined as one’s perception of oneself. Healthy self-esteem is crucial in life. Why? Because it dictates how we relate to others, achieve at school, and perform on the job. As a parent, you strive to raise your child as an individual who believes he is capable, resourceful, and deserving of love....more
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