3 Practical Steps to Having a Positive Body Image

Despite the popular cliché that “it’s what’s inside that matters most,” the truth is that many women actually care (and sometimes worry) about what’s outside as well.The tendency to be obsessed by the slim body, flat tummy, long flowing hair and glowing, spot-free skin of the models on the covers of fashion magazines is one that few women fall short of....more
I guess I don't look at my face closely when I'm getting ready in front of the mirror. I noticed ...more


Flats of various colors and designs  Tank tops with cardigans  Curly hair  Long legs  ...more


To my daughter,...more

Pleasing the powerful parent

Who is the more powerful parent in your household? Yes, yes, parenthood should be an equal partnership between two people, but we all know the truth: One parent in the household simply ends up doing more. And that parent is the one who may be influencing their child's self esteem the most....more

Just Start a New Story

You are in charge of your own stories. You can tell yourself you are worthless or you can tell yourself you are worthy. Simple right? Oftentimes, not so much… Today, as part of Just Start (& self-esteem continued...) month, I'm sharing how mindfulness, vulnerability, and creativity can help you Just Start a new story....more

Self-Love Manifesto

It is a radical idea to love yourself.  Don’t believe me?  There are entire industries devoted to making you insecure of your physical attributes.  It has been said that, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself [and I would add, loving yourself] is a rebellious act.”  It’s radical.  We so easily internalize these negative messages from the media, our friends, our family, our loved ones – people and inst...more

How-To Let Go of Low Self-Esteem

Meditation has really been a transformative practice in helping me build my own self-esteem. Today, I'm going to share some background on the tough topic of self-esteem, I'll share some ways meditation has helped me with my self-esteem, and how you can start your own meditation practice....more

Lose Self-Doubt and SPARKLE


They Like Me! (Or Maybe They Don't. And I Don't Care.)

Image Credit: Spirit Science http://thespiritscience.net/ Most of us want to be liked, right?  It's human nature, isn't it, to crave acceptance, to want to be part of a tribe?  But worrying about whether people like you can be debilitating....more

Gosh, You’re Attractive

It’s true.Sometimes it may feel like how good-looking a person is (or isn’t) is the only thing that ever mattered in the world.  But guess what?  It’s not your features that make you attractive.  Nope, it’s not your body, either.Your physical appearance has almost nothing to do with how attractive you are.  Soak that in for a minute.  I think this is important, so I’m going to say it again:...more