Reflections on body image

***LENGTHY, WORDY POST WARNING!****"You have focus issues", said The Husband, when I showed him my last blog post. True enough, dude, but give me a minute here - I am just starting to teach myself how to take decent photos....more

Owning It

Do You Apologize for Your Accomplishments?At a young age, I learned to hide my gifts. I learned to be ashamed of my straight-A's. Well, that's a little lie. I didn't get straight-A's. I got straight C's in handwriting, and once--in Fifth Grade--I got a B in Religion, a grade which sent me into my first suicidal ideation episode. Right there, in the McDonald's parking, sitting in the station wagon, I wanted to die because of that unjust B....more
Denise Thanks Denise.Like I've been telling my nine-year old daughter, if we don't love ...more

My Hardest Habit to Break

“Can I just say, as your friend, that you are incredibly hard on yourself! It is such an automatic response for you to degrade yourself and your efforts, that I have to believe there is a root to that tendency that goes way back.” My friend was right, of course. I knew she was. But that didn’t make it any easier to hear.In fact, my first response was to beat myself up in my mind for beating myself up!...more

Choosing Your Battles: Is Appearance One of Them?

My parents used to give me a hard time about my ‘appearance’. I repaid that unwanted advice by attending one of their dinner parties in full goth regalia, complete with spider webs drawn at the corners of my eyes. I can only imagine, now, how much restraint they and their guests showed by not commenting....more

Signs of the Absence of Forgiveness

In continuation of the topic The Compassionate Response, I am going to share what to look for when we don’t forgive ourselves.SIGNS OF THE ABSENCE OF SELF-FORGIVENESSLack of self-forgiveness can result in:...more

Club 520

Ya know... we woman are a fickle bunch. We can be your best friend... or your worse nightmare, it all depends on the moment.We all have our special 'tricks' and favorite little things that make our lives bearable and homes running smoothly. If we like you, and feel you are worthy... we'll share them with you. Trust me... it's a fine line sometimes and making the choice to share or not is not always an easy one....more

How The Selfie Transformed My World

I absolutely hate photos of me. Or I used to hate them. Now I sometimes like some of them a little bit.Like many women, I am my own worst critic about my appearance. I’m fat, ugly, crooked teeth, scar on my lip, etc, etc, etc. But the thing I’ve hated the most are my eyes....more
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How To Banish The Boogeyman

How to banish the Boogeyman… you’re wondering what I’m talking about, right? I’m not talking about the monster that lurked under our beds when we were four years old. I’m talking about the mean-spirited voice many of us often hear in their heads. This voice tries to scare us into inaction based on its negative comments. It tells us untruths such as, “You’re not good enough, clever enough, or even deserving enough to attain your goals.” I call it the Inner Boogeyman....more

Live, Breathe, Blog

Blogging took my self-esteem to a new low. I haven't been consciously aware of the fact that I might have low self-esteem until recently. As I've become aware of it, I've realized how it affects every aspect of my life. My need to feel loved, praised, worthy, good-enough is never ending. I am constantly seeking approval from outside myself. ...more
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