Being Just Enough Me

Many people used to tell me, how lucky I was to be an only child.  They had this perception that my parents would undoubtedly spoil me to death, that I would get whatever I wanted, and that I would never have to share what I own with any siblings. They couldn't be more wrong. Being the only child meant that all of my parents' expectations lay on my shoulder.  Not wanting me to repeat...more

A Thing of Beauty

One of the downside of having beautiful-looking parents is unless you’re more beautiful than them, you’re going to look bad.  Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself of average or above-average look; it is as if people apply a different beauty standard when judging children of gorgeous-looking parents (Shiloh and whatever-your-names-twins of the Pitt-Jolie clan, here are two words for you: good luck). Well, it just so happens that I have beautiful-looking parents.  U...more

How to Alter Our Vision of Love

We all know how it feels at the beginning of a relationship; the dizzying highs and the rush that comes along with living in the possibilities.  We are brand new and hopeful.  We are almost childlike in our trusting as we allow ourselves to see another through the eyes of goodness, love and comfort.  We are generous and we are free....more