Want to be Happier? Live by These 4 Rules

I bet you cringe at this sentence: “You deserve to be happy.” The idea feels selfish, demanding, too self-centered to utter out loud. “You deserve to be happy.”...more

What to Pack for your Eat-Pray-Love Trip to Find Yourself

If you’re inspired by movies like Wild, Tracks, or plan to eat-pray-love your way to purpose and contentment this spring break, you’re going to need a few survival essentials. The path to finding your purpose is a steep one, both challenging and revelatory, unique to every individual yet universal in certain lessons and necessities. So regardless of whether you’re planning a one year trip around the world, or just amping up to finally make that cross-country move or climb the corporate ladder at your dream job, these are the tools you’ll need....more

Motivate Your Life

This might seem obvious to some people but motivation doesn't just pop out of thin air. Some people think that maybe if they just jump into something the motivation will come. And maybe that's true sometimes. But we everyday people can't just cross our fingers and hope.The truth is motivation starts with you.That's right. Nobody else is going to find it for you. You might think some people do, but in the end it was you who decided to change your mindset. You have to want to be motivated.Let me say that again. You have to want to be motivated....more

How to Create More MIRACLES In Your Life!

“There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein...more

Learning to Trust is a Lifelong Endeavor

The self-help industry must be working, because global researchers in the field of human development are discovering that humans are making a giant evolutionary leap in recognizing and cultivating their own potential. That’s great, in spite of the appearance to the contrary in the news, we are learning to really believe in self care and healing on a personal level. Just look at the shared memes on social media. ...more

Does Brene Brown Flip Off Roosevelt?

I shouted for joy the day O Magazine announced Brene Brown as a regular contributor. Dr. Brown has become a household name in my recovery community, where her shame research, approachable writing, and presentations have connected deeply with a population that knows shame all too well. Yet her work is intended for everyone and to land a gig with Oprah means her message will reach most of the planet....more

Finding My Spiritual Center

I wonder sometimes why people feel they need to travel to the ends of the earth to “find” themselves or their spiritual center.  Why do they find an ashram in India to be more enlightening than their backyard or kitchen window? I’m not judging because I believe we all have different paths to wander, but I do question if sometimes we miss what is right in front of us....more

I'll Have Kintsugi With a Side of Wabi Sabi

     Thank you to all the self-less gurus vigorously pumping out innovative theories to improve my life and nurture me, mind, body and soul.I love the multi-sensual approach, I am told that peaceful, glorious nirvana can be all mine just a gluten-free, rose oil-infused, pink candle lit, drum circle accompanied, headstand away.  Despite all this fresh, bountiful energy generously devoted to increasing my welfare, the two theories that have rung out to me clearly above the loud expanding expansion gobble go...more

The Unconventional Guide to Judging People

What does judge mean? “Judge: verb (used with object), judged, judg·ing. To form a judgment or opinion; decide upon critically. You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Often we try not to judge. This seems silly when we encourage our children to use their critical thinking skills in decision making. In other words, judging people, places and things is a necessary part of life....more
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Why do you blog ?

I see myself being fascinated by what so many people do especially blogging. Sometimes I even get fascinated by arts & crafts, photography, beauty, fashion, hair and videos especially when I view YouTube. I see myself doing all of it and preparing myself mentally to begin the process of those hobbies. Then, slowly I begin to realize that it is- what it is, a big fascination of what someone else is doing. Why do I feel like I can do it? What can I bring to the table that is different than the person I’m viewing? Rather it’s blog or a vlog. ...more