I Took a Makeup Break

I wouldn’t call myself a “girly girl” (I’m sure feminists would love a diatribe on the phrase alone), but I love makeup. I'm not a shopper, couldn't care less about purses or shoes, but I’ve always looked at my face as a canvas I can perfect upon. I have always firmly believed everyone looks better with makeup and I never leave the house without it - and if I do, I am very insecure about it. ...more

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Self Image

How you see yourself is important.A positive self-image leads to a positive self-esteem, which is important to achieving life-long happiness. Below are five simple but amazing ways to boost your self-image:1. Forget about themThink about this: if you’re the only person on Planet Earth, would you have low self-esteem? Of course not!...more

Grandma Jiggles

What do you say when your 7 year old granddaughter explodes with laughter "Grandma You Jiggle"Click here to read more...more

On why being flawless is not the same as being beautiful

Susan Sarandon posted her original headshot this week on her Facebook page and my breath caught in my throat when I saw it. Today, we are going to talk about strange beauty and how by simply being a human, we are beautiful.   Let me tell you, first, about my strange beauty; about what I was tormented for as a child but now prize as an adult. ...more

Open Letter: Lady Outside My Polling Station

Dear Lady at the Polling Place Last Night,Hello.  I am sure you probably don’t remember me, but I remember you.  You were driving a large SUV, going the wrong way in the school’s driveway.  The driveway had already been closed off for people walking in to vote and for the campaign reps to set up stands, as allowed by law, for people going inside.Like this one…...more
lisagd22 -I think in this case, breaking the traffic barrier anyway, it gave her more ...more

The Internet Boobs Aren't the Problem

Hey Lauren,Hi, there.I'm Darlena.As I'm sure you're well aware by now, your post about internet boobies ruining your marriage made quite a stir.Don't worry, I'm not here to judge you, and I don't hate you, and you didn't make me mad.What I really want to say to you is this:Do you know how beautiful you are?Let me be the first (or millionth) to tell you: You are freaking gorgeous....more

How to Be Okay with Yourself

We are all broken. But we are all beautiful. And no one in the world is better than you are. Who you are, right now, in this very moment, as you read this, is beautiful. You belong here. And you deserve things. Good things....more

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Makeup is an art form and the canvas is your face! There are various ways to manipulate make up with different techniques like, contouring and highlighting. Today, were going to talk about how to use certain eye shadow colors to make your eye color pop.  ...more

A Letter to Kid Me: Everyone is Their Own Kind of Weirdo

A friend of a friend has started a web site meant to help inspire the next generation of women toward self empowerment. Take It From Us collects letters from women to their younger selves, letters filled with advice, insight, and perspective from life beyond youth....more