How to Be Okay with Yourself

We are all broken. But we are all beautiful. And no one in the world is better than you are. Who you are, right now, in this very moment, as you read this, is beautiful. You belong here. And you deserve things. Good things....more

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Makeup is an art form and the canvas is your face! There are various ways to manipulate make up with different techniques like, contouring and highlighting. Today, were going to talk about how to use certain eye shadow colors to make your eye color pop.  ...more

A Letter to Kid Me: Everyone is Their Own Kind of Weirdo

A friend of a friend has started a web site meant to help inspire the next generation of women toward self empowerment. Take It From Us collects letters from women to their younger selves, letters filled with advice, insight, and perspective from life beyond youth....more

Day 8/100 Accepting the need to Change.


I Like My Body. Is that Okay with You?

I was running one morning earlier this week when I noticed something strange. I noticed that I like my body. ...more
Thank you for posting this! I think you talked about some things we all can do well to think ...more

We Are All Beautiful, and Not

It’s Different for Girls…Body Image and Riding.

What do you think when you see this photo?...more

beautiful you.


The Power to Hurt

In the long-ago summer of 1986 I was 19 years young, had just squeaked through my first year of university, and was back in what I considered to be my hometown to look for a job. ...more

Guilt and Life....I Should Do Better

Are we raised, programmed, conditioned to feel matter what we do?  I've been paying attention to how often I have to fight against feeling bad about something I've done, a choice I've made, or just because I'm not "present in the moment" enough.  Thanks, almost entirely to that icon of talk show hosts, Madam O, being present in the moment has become the goal.  We must strive to be present, every moment, every day.  Lord, I'm exhausted even thinking about it. ...more