Solange Knowles gave me freedom

 Solange Knowles, younger sister to Beyonce, was married this past weekend. She's a striking young woman who has a style that is very uniquely her own. I love that uniqueness about her. Where her sister is more sleek and glamorous in her public style... Solange is more bohemian, more laid back and more ... well, black in hers. ...more

Brow Game... I Got None.

When I was in middle school my eyebrows were like two giant caterpillars. To be honest, they were more like one giant caterpillar. I had an almost-unibrow situation going on and it wasn’t pretty.I never realized how bushy and full they were until I started noticing that my friend’s brows became smaller and smaller. In my highschool years (2000-2004) over-plucked eyebrows were hotter than Eminem’s bleached head....more

Upon a Closing Door

During the fall of 2008, I was stuck with a pathetically low paying teaching job at a South Jersey community college where I taught students who couldn't spell their own names. I was also stuck in an even more pathetic marriage that I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be a part of. ...more

Some questions on self-image

What if you suddenly discovered that some long-held, deeply ingrained, negative belief about yourself was a complete and utter lie? What if for one moment you chose to see yourself the way others saw you, instead of through your own jaded, judgmental eyes and preconceived notions? What if every time you were prepared to automatically say I can't, you choked off those words and instead declared I'll try? How would it change your life? Please share your thoughts... ...more

Mom bullied at the beach for wearing a bikini

 It was my friend’s first time in a bikini in 13 years. She was on the beach in Alberta, Canada with her two kids, relaxing under the sun when three people began to taunt her.“It started with, ‘oh my god, look. Look! That’s f—— gross!’” Tanis Jex-Blake wrote in a private Facebook group we share. She opened her eyes to see what the commotion was to find two guys and a girl standing above her....more
sheswrite people can be so cruel. I admire the woman for celebrating her hard working bod!more

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Reminiscing... It all started with four simple words from the soft-spoken young cashier at the grocery store as she rang through the eclectic assortment of foodstuffs I'd chosen to carry my husband and I through a quiet New Year's Eve at home. "I like your hair," she said shyly. ...more

A Poem: Just look at her

Just look at her... she should be ashamed of herself! tsk, tsk absolutely disgusting, isn't it? Just look at her... rolls of fat around her middle details (but not bulk) camouflaged by baggy tops never belted or tucked Just look at her... so self-conscious, thinking everyone's staring at her whispering about her, judging her (well, aren't they?) Just look at her... hate the indulgent ugliness hate the hidden shame made manifest for everyone to see Just look at her... look, despise, berate ...more

Dressing Confidently

(image source)...more

Laying Down Idols Like An 80's Legwarmer