The Simplest Way to Make the World a Better Place

On Facebook, my mom recently posed the question:  “What did you do today to try to make sure you left the world better than you found it?”  As I read through the responses—offering to rake senior citizens’ yards, giving free manicures, and donating money to the Marines for children, to name a few—I became increasingly embarrassed with myself.  I couldn’t think of a single “good” thing I’d done that day.  If anything, I’d done just the opposite.  I’d complained a lot, had terrible road rage, and participated in my fair share of work gossip....more
This is a really good practice, I don't think about my impact daily, but should and will after ...more

I Try and The Additive Property Of Happiness

Note: This is the first post written on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness". It was posted on April 1, 2014. The original post can be found here....more

Are you a victim of self-licensing?

 After months of quitting my years-long, gross habit of biting my nails, I recently fell off the wagon. I was going through a lot of stress though, I’d tell myself, so I deserved a bit of relief. This is self-licensing....more

How to trick yourself into being productive

I’m lazy. Very lazy. Well, sometimes. Other times, I’m the Energizer Bunny on amphetamines.The laziness conveniently sneaks in when it’s time for housework, awkward phone calls, and generally anything else I don’t want to do.Why I had to get productive, and fast....more

Crosspost: Imagination Apps as a Tool for Change

Feeling Stuck? Turn AroundWhen I am trying to change my perspective or behavior in a specific way, having a visual representation that I can upload to my mind is a big help. Think of it as a kind of imagination app—an image or scene that supports and guides us through new, uncomfortable territory....more

Why I'm Thankful for Envy and Jealousy

The blogosphere and the sphere in general – the American part of it, anyway – are awash in proofs of thankfulness. This is all to the good, and very mind improving. Many of us are seriously cultivating gratitude in order to shape our brains to be more positive, and not just on Thanksgiving. As I said, this is all to the good. Every little degree positive anyone turns has got to be good for all of us. As long as there’s no deviation into smarminess....more

What's Your Story?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I want to be like   ________" [insert name of celebrity, athlete, corporate power broker, friend.]We all do. We all use others for comparison or contextual reference.Last year, I caught myself explaining a project as wanting it to be something like a cross between Oprah and MarieTV with a heavy dose of nature and animals. After I wrote that in a Facebook group, I later wondered if I was doing myself a disservice by using other people as reference points.Todd Henry has a saying:...more

Exercise class

Every journey begins with a single step.My friend, Kathy, talked me into going to Exercise class- my first in a long time.It was wonderful! The personalities were great, the exercises got the blood moving andI actually got up this morning with minimal discomfort.I am going to make the committment to go and get back on track,for I feel with thejuicing and walking and the class, I am going to do and feel better!...more

Remembering With Grace

Remembering With Grace ...more

The Only Things I Did

As  my children grew up  I never would have thought that they would end up being the persons they are today.   I really didn't have much expectations as to who they would become as adults, my only hope was that whatever the outcome was they would end up being good citizens and above all happy within their own skin.   I didn't want them to find happiness by being with another person, but just  happy  being who they were.  Many moms have expectations as to school, or music, or sports, whereas none of this mattered to much to me....more