Finding Beauty in the Struggle

VIAI think the struggle started in Jr. High....more


Me: Are you popular?Her: No, but I have some great friends so I don’t care.Me: Do you have popular friends?Her: Yes I do and they are nice.Me: Do you want to be popular?Her: I am popular to my friends and I don’t need any more attention than that.Me: You’re a pretty great kid you know that?Her: Yep, I know....more

How to Love Your Body When it Doesn't Love You Back

The week of my senior prom, I felt like my body had betrayed me. It had filled my days with hours of nausea, acid reflux and lack of appetite. It had suddenly shed nearly 10 pounds in three months from its already slender frame. And, now, I knew the reason: celiac disease, an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten damages one's intestines....more

Learning to Love Food After it Almost Killed Me

Food has many definitions. For some, it is a fuel, its only purpose to power an athlete through their next workout. For others, it's a luxury, the creamy taste of ice cream melting on the tongue. Pre-diagnosis, food was just part of life. I devoured pizza during sleepovers, baked on the weekend and never turned down a trip to In-N-Out. ...more

My Chronic Illness Revealed Society's Sick Weight Standards

I lost 15 pounds in two months. I should be excited. At 5'3" I now tip the scales only at 93 pounds. I should be horrified. The truth is, since my diagnosis of celiac disease (an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten causes inflammation and damage to the intestines), I've transformed from, as my mother put it, a 106 pound "muscular Barbie" at the peak of soccer season to a skinny minnie and I don't know how I feel about it....more
Bodynsoil It's always good to hear from people who can empathize - even though I wish no one ...more

So What, My Thighs Touch! What's the Big Deal?

Breaking social media news: women don't want their inner thighs to touch. This was not news to me, I have wanted that since I knew I had thighs. I spent a good portion of my life hoping that I could get that coveted gap and keep my legs from kissing. Image via Just Girly Things...more
DebbiG It is so socially driven. A few decades ago curvy and thick was completely "in style." ...more

When Did You First Start Rejecting Your Body?

When Did You STOP Liking Your Body? When Did You START Rejecting Your Body? When Did Eden End for YOU? My daughter Maya is 8 years old and talkative from the back seat on the way to school today: “Why did you quit gymnastics?” she inquires. I share the myriad of reasons why I quit the sport that defined so much of my growing up. I talk about how the girls picked on each other and how I didn’t feel good enough. I am honest and continue, “And there were nice coaches and really mean, tough coaches too....more

10 Ways to Love the One You're Always With- YourSelf

 As easy as it is to proclaim the gift of love to another on this day of marketers bliss, take the time today to remember the holy space that resides within you, always, and shine some love inwards. Here are some suggestions to self-love:1) Encourage yourself, speak kindly to yourself, and about yourself2) Allow yourself to dream. Believe in the possibility of grandeur. 3) Acknowledge the pains and accept them. Transcend your problems with solutions. ...more

5 Tips to Start Cultivating Self Love

The most powerful thing we can do in life is to choose to love ourselves. To be our own best friend and make no hesitation to live a life we love. When we know who we really are, we can start to design our dream life and no goal seems unattainable. While it does take some digging and dedication to find this innermost place, my hope is that these five steps will make it easier to get there. The most important thing is that you commit to the end goal even when roadblocks occur. It is not easy to dig past years of limiting beliefs, deep ingrained fears, and feelings of unworthiness....more