What Four Neighbors Have Taught Me about Self Love

A college celiac who blogs about everything from gluten free living and recipes, restaurant reviews, college life, body image and all the subjects in between! Considering that I've moved nine times in my life, I've also experienced my share of neighbors. Some good, some so-so and definitely plenty that still stick out in my mind....more

What Losing Weight Does Not Mean

You step on the scale, nearly holding your breath as you watch the red arrow dance along the plastic face. It lands on a number - a few points lower than usual - and...maybe you celebrate if you're part of the 56 percent of Americans trying to lose weight....more

Giving Up the Quest for Body Perfection

After being diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten damages one's intestines), I paid more attention to certain aspects of life than ever before, like gluten in my food, or crumbs on the kitchen counter top; and, as I've realized over the past two years, my stomach. Particularly, its state and size....more

The Tie Between Thrift Shopping and a Healthy Body Image

I've always loved thrift shopping, but could never put my finger on why. Maybe it's just college-budget friendly. Maybe I enjoy the surprises. Or maybe I'm just cheap? ...more

Dear Diary

 Dear Diary,I don’t usually write in a diary because I think people will read it when I am dead and assume asinine things about me. I’d rather write where everyone can read it while I’m alive, and still think asinine things about me. At least I have control over what people see....more

Make a Change Because You Love Your Body, Not Because You Hate It

Maybe you are reading this right now because you want to make a healthy lifestyle change.  Maybe you want to eat right.  Maybe you want to exercise more.    I think it’s wonderful anytime someone chooses to make a healthy lifestyle change…but I don’t think it should be because you hate your body....more

I love being Naked!

Nude I remember the very first time when I discovered nude as a color. I always understood nude only to mean naked,or without clothing. However, one  day when my grandmother got dressed for church and I saw her sit on the side of her bed and roll, what look like to me, a layer of transparent skin, up her legs. She was putting on a pair of thigh high stockings....more

What To Do When You Feel Like A Failure And Everything Sucks

Sometimes everything sucks. So what to do when you feel like a failure?Life throws us curveballs.Major curveballs.Sometimes, sh-t just happens. And when it happens, especially to those of us who like to have a “plan”, we wind up feeling like failures....more

Wanna do this with me?

 I’m going to tell you about a VERY exciting project I have in the works. But first I want to share a delightful little story…When I was a kid, my mom used to leave notes hidden around the house for me. She had a stack of cards that said fun things and she’d always sign them “xoxo mama”. I’d find one in my violin case, in my lunch box, on my pillow. It was a game between the two of us that reminded me in small ways on a daily basis that I was loved.  ...more