Pajama Party

The ultimate triumph was buying medium pajamas.My physical self lost twenty pounds In the last year but in my head, I had lost a hundred. In the swirling mass that is my daytime mind, I had become rail thin, my jeans held up only by my sharply angled hip bones, books could be stacked on those bones. The change in my head was dramatic. I was wearing size 10 jeans. I felt like Audrey Hepburn....more

Please don't mistake me for the person you think I am.

Do you sometimes feel like even the people who know you best don’t really know you at all—or that they’ve missed some essential part of you?...more

My Whole Life Has Been a Lie!

I love to watch some reality shows that concentrate on people's behaviors. No, I'm not talking "Hoarders", that gives me anxiety... and the creeps. I'm talking about like the matchmaking shows where they get people to understand their own behavior and try to make them more acceptable to others. Also the business makeover shows like "Tabatha Takes Over" or the "Kitchen Nightmares" type shows. Where the owners are made to realize why their business sucks so bad and it's usually because the owner is a putz or inept or just oblivious. Don't judge me. I'll tell you why... ...more

My Rosacea, My Kryptonite

What one physical trait do you wish you could change about yourself? It's a bold question for a site based around self-love and inclusive beauty, I know, but I won't shy away from the truth: we all have low self esteem days, and we all have least-loved traits.  Just like our personalities, our physical bodies aren't perfect...they can't be!  Recognizing the things we like least about our imperfect bodies (and imperfect personalities) is one step closer to accepting those things and, if we decide to, changing them....more