Swiftly Painted Challenge - 13 Selfies, D2

  i’m participating the in the swiftly painted challenge with jess from theirisblog.com and annmarie from simply-swift.com! a selfie a month for 13 months....more

Self-Imaging: Are You Opting Out of the Bigger Picture?

We were bombing along the twisty, narrow dirt paths that meander through the scrubby brush of Nantucket in our rented jeep. Vacation off-season. Fabulous. With the island practically devoid of fellow “tourons,” we truly felt like castaways. O.k. maybe we felt like castaways on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie, but even so, the landscape coupled with the perfect stretch of warm, October days exceeded our expectations. I was in my shutterbug element....more

Rad Fatties Project

* * *The Rad Fatties Project is a body-positive silent self-portrait celebration of what is fine and wonderful about the wide diversity of human bodies. Conversation is encouraged, but this is a judgment-free zone, even against yourself. Don't apologize or explain away your supposed defects. They are beautiful here....more

A Photoshopped Self-Portrait

Yesterday, I used an awesome Photoshop tutorial to change my face into colored text. It's the first tutorial I've used that was anything in-depth (and required more than two layers!), but I found it easy to follow and absolutely fun. ...more

In Her Own Image - THE BOOK - It's here!!

A few months ago I blogged my participation in a wonderful new book by the Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group...well, the book is finally here and available for purchase! ...more