The Blogger, Self Promotion, Social Media and AA: For the Critics

his post just might stir the pot. I’m writing it both because and in spite of this, I think. Hopefully it will start an interesting discussion....more

Fame Monster: Lady Gaga vs. The Minnesota Matron

According That Grape Juice, Lady GaGa instructed Vogue magazine that she has "one of the greatest voices in the industry." My, my, tuts the demure midwestern mild-mannered Matron. People from Minnesota are not supposed to toot their own horns. ...more

Your post made me laugh, it's very engaging.
My only claim is that I like to write - not ...more

The Freelance Mindset - Not Just for Freelancers in this Business Climate

A few months ago I received a review copy of "My So-Called Freelance Life" by Michelle Goodman. Because of all I have going on it took me a while to read through it. When I did get time, though it read like the voice of a trusted friend who has walked the road of self-employment for many years telling me all the pitfalls to avoid and "must-dos" if I wish to succeed. ...more

Yeah I don't think job security exists. It is (and may always have been) some degree of a ...more

Mommy and family bloggers, promote yourselves: The Me and Mine Meme 100

I had planned to launch into this new blogging venture of mine in special ops mode, but that's not working. I'll just have to come out and ask for suggestions and help right here on BlogHer. So here it goes: Are you a "mommyblogger" or "daddyblogger" (a blogger who focuses on parenting and family) who'd like more readers? You are! Then help yourself and help me as I get back in the "write" swing. Do the following meme post on your own blog, and tell me here at BlogHer so I can find you. Me and Mine Meme 100 Directions: ...more kudos of awfulbutfunctioningmore