MM - Got it covered

My poor computer isn't feeling well today. She's got some kind of grumbly in her tumbly, and hubby is currently tending to her. So for today's Musing Monday (brought to you by hubby's laptop), I figured I'd share the mock-ups I did for four of my book covers, and the original pictures I took in the 1980s.All of these were snapped by yours truly, on Shore Road in Magnolia, MA.My cover for Wrecked (unpublished, 2011) -...more

What I Learned While Publishing My Book

In September, I released my first full-length published book titled Open to Your Intuitive Intelligenceā„¢: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom and to say I am excited is an understatement. Along the way I learned a great deal about what it takes to start and more importantly complete a project like this. Whether you are looking to publish as part of your business or for professional gratification, here are some lessons learned. ...more
Congrats on your bouncing baby BOOK, Paula! Yes, I likened my own book writing experience with ...more