So, I was thinking ...

Ever ponder? I do. This is what I am currently rolling over in the vast playground that is my mental landscape: I think I might put together a book of Fokker posts. I would pick out some of my best, edit & elongate them from here to Timbuktu, add a few new ones, and then publish the whole thing as a compilation. What do you think? Should I ask for votes on favorites? Would a section of political rants be appropriate, or should I stick to the funny bits of my life and feminism? Am I insane for even contemplating such a thing? ...more

Guest Author Self-Publishing Guru Peter Bowerman at Pump Up Your Book Promotion Social Network's Author Talk Today!

Join us as Peter Bowerman, author of the book on self-publishing, THE WELL-FED SELF PUBLISHER: HOW TO TURN ONE BOOK INTO A FULL-TIME LIVING visits Pump Up Your Book Promotion Social Network's Author Day today! Peter will be giving away one copy of his book at the end of the night to one lucky person from the chat. Click here to join in the conversation! About the Author: ...more