Fail Blog

I am a failure. ...more

Of all the greys and blacks in the world..

My name is Yessy. I am a single woman who is turning 35 at the end of this month.  And I have grey hair.There's not enough greys on my head to cause alarm, thankfully. In retrospect, it should not cause alarms at all. I mean, grey hair is just something caused by diminishing pigments, right? And the diminishing pigments, it can be caused by a lot of things, right? -- anything psychological to physiological; from environmental, diet, genetics, or stress. Many people under 40 has grey hairs, right?...more

Roots or Wings

I have never been one to take chances. At least, I like to think of myself as grounded and safe within the life I live day to day. Surprises have always made me feel slightly unnerving which in the past has completely spoiled the merriment for those who plan such moments of delight. Escapade weekends of “let just see where life takes us” [as handsome man o’ man gently puts it] is enough to make my anxiety itself hail a taxi back to our flat and find refuge in normal scheduling, a palm pilot and routines with no hidden agendas. ...more