You Can Teach Yourself Anything with YouTube

A month ago, my son told me that he learned how to fix his built-in oven by watching a YouTube video.  I knew WordPress had great tutorial videos, and I embed YouTube videos in loads of my posts, but I never thought of using it for fixing cars, or ovens, or window shades.  Well, I do have  broken window shade.  So hey, why not? ...more
@Kpvega My grandkids showed me "old people dance gangnam style."  Beware of the "old people ...more

I'm a ROCKSTAR... or am I?

I'M a ROCKSTAR... or am I? Busy is an understatement. This month has been full to the overflowing brim. Mostly of commitment-oriented responsibilities and sporadic sprinkles- no, make that downpours- of needing-to-be-there moments. Take the other day. ...more