Gosh, You’re Attractive

It’s true.Sometimes it may feel like how good-looking a person is (or isn’t) is the only thing that ever mattered in the world.  But guess what?  It’s not your features that make you attractive.  Nope, it’s not your body, either.Your physical appearance has almost nothing to do with how attractive you are.  Soak that in for a minute.  I think this is important, so I’m going to say it again:...more

Core Values

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line by Krista on March 30, 2014Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?~~~~~~~~The codes I value most in my life are self-respect and respect for others. Without respect, it is hard to have any set of values in your life.I value family and friendships. I am a caring and loving person that enjoys helping others. Inner harmony and spirituality are a large part of my life....more

Voices Are for Standing Up for Yourself

My son Zach is very big for his age and always has been. Obviously, when our daughter Kaylee was born, we told him to be gentle with her because she was just a baby, and he could easily hurt her. Over the past three years, he has been gentle with her for the most part, only infrequently pushing or tripping her. Now, he’s six years old, a foot taller than her, and over 20lbs. heavier....more

A Public Service Announcement: I Respect Myself

It seems that as we meander through life we run into all sorts of people, some we call friends, some we call lovers and some we call acquaintances. We realize who we can count on when the chips are really down and we are really out because those are the people that will actually offer a hand to help us back up instead of slapping us back to the ground....more


Posted on http://kissingup.wordpress.com/ - October 26, 2011LOVE SCENE INVESTIGATION...more

On My Hardest Day, I Was Strong Enough

This past week, I was in court for a custody hearing. I gave my testimony, and was cross-examined. My witness testified and was cross-examined. What followed was four straight hours of listening to my ex and the witnesses he called to the stand go over every bad day, every poor decision, every instance they could think of where I did not bring my A-game as a mom. I was forced to listen over and over how I have failed and how my ex has succeeded. It was very easily the hardest day of my life....more
So delighted to see you syndicated! Congratulations on that. The conclusion of this piece ...more

Ending a Marriage: Standing on My Own Two Feet

She asked him to go to counseling with her, he wouldn't. She asked him to stop drinking, he said he doesn't have a problem. She asked him to help with dinner and laundry since she's working full-time and going to school full-time and he told her that's why he got married. She is sick and tired of it and she is way past sick and tired of being miserable all the time. So she said good bye. And this time, she meant it. ...more
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Parenting a ‘Tween – Teaching Self-Respect

His hand was in her pants.  Just at the waistband, but enough to be inappropriate.  Then he lifted her shirt just above the waist.  I just cringed.  Then the grinding started.  I’m not talking about a scene in a club.  I’m talking about the bar area of a family restaurant.  Kid – MY kids – with a front row seat.  She may have been dressed out of a J....more

Ex-Files: Should you cut sling load and drive on?

There are two options after a break-up: remain friends, or move forward without them. The most successful option has been to remain distant for a period of time, licking wounds and recovering from the break-up, and leaving the option of a platonic relationship or rekindling romance in the future. But throw in new boyfriends, old ones, social scenes, and the plethora of communication tools vaaialble today ("rejected from 7 different techlogies," anyone?), it's not so black and white like we would hope. ...more

Thanks for the comment! =) I believe there is some encouragement from women to have a ...more