Christmas For Everyone Else, Except Each Other? Why?

It's no secret that when you get married and start having a family, you sacrifice many things. Free time, your body, discretionary income. This Christmas will be the fourth my husband and I have celebrated together. The first year, we were engaged, planning a wedding and had his two kiddos to buy gifts for. Needless to say, we never even thought to get each other any gifts. Not even a small, homeade gift. This tradition seemed to continue, as we both found ourselves taking a pay cut over the next, we had another baby and money seemed to always be tight....more

Piercing My Nose. Or Not.

This was going to be a story of feminism and self-ownership: The search for my nose began as a child. Mine was round and very unlike my mother's regal Roman nose. My birth father was long gone, but old photographs bore evidence of a nose bent and flattened from repeated breaking, a hazard of soccer and Spanish blood run hot. My nose did not have the narrow British look of my grandmother's nor the prominent Italian bulge of my grandfather's. It had no match, no ancestry, no belonging. ...more
Tamara, I saw on Facebook you did get it after all. Originally a small dot, and now a beautiful ...more

Mothers and Other Sacrificial Offerings

When I was three, my dad was in Strategic Air Command and we lived in a trailer park not far from Beale Air Force Base in Northern California. My mother was a 41 year old homemaker. But, apart from the presence of my two adult half-sisters, she had a life before me that I knew nothing about. ...more