Our Homestead Dream

My partner Steph and I have a dream: to develop a small, off-grid homestead and become more self-sufficient by farming our own food and producing our own power with solar, wind, and geothermal technologies.This dream comes from a desire to live more in tune with nature, to regain a lost connection to the food we eat, and to ensure that we are able to provide for ourselves, in the event of an emergency or disaster situation, should traditional food and power distribution systems be disrupted....more

Simple Crunchy Granola

I like to keep things simple. The sheer volume of newness in my life right now demands it - other wise I would sink under and drown. When you ditch your regular life for one that is completely new, everyday tasks become complicated. I live in the country now so I can't just pop to a shop when I run out of something. Ingredients that I would have used regularly in Ireland have become impossible to source. The supermarkets have 20 different sour cream options but no fresh cream whatsoever. ...more

Home-Butchering a Pig

Fair warning: This post contains descriptions and images of animal butchery that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. Meat. It's delicious. I love it. I don't, however, love how much of the world's meat is managed. Anyone who has seen such programmes as "Food Inc." will understand the impact that intensive farming of animals for meat has on the lives of the animals, the quality of the meat produced and on the environment. This is not the kind of meat I want to eat. ...more

America's Investment Toward Energy Self-Sufficiency

In September I wrote about a green technology concept for stabilizing the European economies in Survive the Next Industrial Revolution: Come from your Heart....more

Dirt Wisdom: Gardening Gradually

Looking back on the summer of gardening that was, I ponder lessons learned. The first is one I have read in countless gardening books and magazines: “Start small and plant only as much as you can handle.” Every time I read those words, I yawn and skim. My ability to continually romanticize things is definitely where the trouble started....more
I would love to be able to grow all the food for my family of 5 except for cheese and eggs... ...more

Preparing Women and Families for the Post-Economic Collapse

Women of the world are waking up to protect themselves and their famlies. What's happening in Greece and Europe is coming to America. The global economy is collapsing fast, no matter how much propaganda they can pump into the controlled media that things are getting better. Make no doubt about it, the winds of change are here and things will never be the same....more

An Act to: Support the Commonwealth and its Residents

Poverty, for many, is inescapable. Education and training are essential for well being and job function. Low-income families would benefit most from education and training, but are least likely to receive it. In order for low-income families to access better paying jobs an effort needs to be made to help them attain the training necessary. Crittenton Women's Union (CWU) is a Boston based non-profit whose mission is to help low-income women and families attain economic independence. ...more

More help for families facing the new school year?

It's back-to-school time for Massachusetts families, and it was announced that low-income families receiving Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) benefits can receive a little additional help with this to purchase school clothing for their children to the tune of $150 per school-aged child under 19 years. ...more

No problem! :-)

On my local news this morning, it was reported that families will spend an ...more