How I Forgot Myself And Ended Up With A Miserable UTI

Their worth is in their suffering — and in the praise that is a byproduct of it.I smell bleach. It’s coming from the laundry room, which is right next to my bedroom, where I am, on my bed, propped up on five down-alternative pillows, writing this.I’m in my bed propped up on five down-alternative pillows tonight, because yesterday I was urinating blood. There is bleach in the wash because little kids get their socks really filthy playing outside, and the medication I’m taking turned my urine pumpkin orange....more

An Open Letter To My Younger Self

When I look back on the past six years (from when I first embarked on my journey into the teenage years), there are innumerable lessons that I have learned from my experiences. One of my personal philosophies for day-to-day life is the mantra that everything happens for a reason. This is a frame to look at all of the good that has manifested, while also acknowledging the more challenging moments of life. Upon thinking about these past few years, I discovered that there are a few words of advice that I would give to my thirteen-year-old self....more

Narky Friends? Take Elizabeth Gilbert's Advice and Let It Go.

Sometimes, the people you love dearly will go to great lengths to keep you small.They’ll despise the fact that you appear happier than you used to be. They’ll mock the things you love, and belittle your achievements.And it’s not even about you.Comparison is an awful thing. Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if we just accepted our own greatness, rather than using everyone else’s lives to try and assess our own?...more
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Flats of various colors and designs  Tank tops with cardigans  Curly hair  Long legs  ...more

Single Proverbs 31 Woman

We've all read and heard perspectives on what it means to be a 'Proverbs 31 Woman' (P31). As a single woman desiring to be married, I wanted a deeper understanding of this phrase. I wanted to dissect each verse and uncover the responsibility associated with holding such coveted title. So I asked myself, what does it mean to be a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies?Many times the Proverbs 31 Woman is understood from a married woman's perspective; from the viewpoint of a woman who has already taken her vows and started a family. ...more
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Self-Worth = Financial Worth?

When I was sixteen I got a job at Curly's Dari Freeze....more

Affirmation Giveaway

I have another post coming (soon?) that will talk more in-depth about self-esteem and self-worth. But, right now, I want to briefly talk about affirmation...and giving it away....more

Finding Strength from Within

Lately I've been fighting life. Family, friends, community, work ...everything and everyone. And it's time to stop....more

Monday Morning Motivation

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! There will always be people that make us feel less than we are. When that happens we have to options: believe them, or don't. So DON'T. I know there are times when they can almost convince you of your worthlessness, but it is a lie. We have to learn to love ourselves....more

Your changing body for all to see

During pregnancy, your boobs, belly, and other areas are getting bigger. Your changing body is there for all to see. I’ve heard people talking about how so-and-sos hips widened. Yes, it’s true her hips were widening, and there’s nothing wrong with widening hips. It’s an occurrence most pregnant women experience. Yet, there are people talking about her hips! Our physical changes are out there for people to see....more