Affirmation Giveaway

I have another post coming (soon?) that will talk more in-depth about self-esteem and self-worth. But, right now, I want to briefly talk about affirmation...and giving it away....more

Finding Strength from Within

Lately I've been fighting life. Family, friends, community, work ...everything and everyone. And it's time to stop....more

Monday Morning Motivation

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! There will always be people that make us feel less than we are. When that happens we have to options: believe them, or don't. So DON'T. I know there are times when they can almost convince you of your worthlessness, but it is a lie. We have to learn to love ourselves....more

Your changing body for all to see

During pregnancy, your boobs, belly, and other areas are getting bigger. Your changing body is there for all to see. I’ve heard people talking about how so-and-sos hips widened. Yes, it’s true her hips were widening, and there’s nothing wrong with widening hips. It’s an occurrence most pregnant women experience. Yet, there are people talking about her hips! Our physical changes are out there for people to see....more

Being Back

I took an unexpected vacation last week....more

The "SAY NO" Challenge! Week 1: Say No to Folks Who Mistreat You!


Judging by the Calendar

This morning I had an appointment to get my hair done. I like the way my friend does it, so I have been sticking with her. Jim had said why do I need a hair cut: it really looks nice. Never mind that I sweat profusely when the humidity goes over 85% and needed a hair cut. In addition, the ever popular hot flashes always seem to sway the vote for shorter hair. ...more

The Three Stages of Falling in Love (with Oneself)

Image Courtesy:  www.FreeDigitialPhotos.netBy Robin Sampson...more

How Important is Self-Approval in Leading a Successful Life?

 Image Courtesy: By Alexandra Wilson...more

Sometimes You Need to Disengage from Social Media

One of the interesting symptoms of online myopia is the gradual disregard for many real world experiences in pursuit of online validation. It became easy to downgrade the great service I was doing in real life, and instead focus on all the online “goals” I had yet to attain. (I use the word goals loosely here because there wasn’t any real aim besides generally feeling like I was “enough” online.) To those who do not spend most of their days online and supporting themselves in this manner, this might seem downright crazy. ...more
I find that I frequently have to take breaks from social media.  While I don't work online, it ...more