Do Boundaries=Rejection?

I'm a 'fences make good neighbors' kinda gal.I like my space.If I were an animal I'd be a cat, with a meticulously perfumed border around my domain....more

The Rhyme Lied

First comes Love.Then comes Marriage.Then comes (insert name of guy you're crushing on here) with the baby carriage....more

Learning To Love Food: A Fat Girl’s Story

Recently, I was on Facebook when a friend of mine posted one of those popular e-cards going around. It stated something to the effect of “Have you tried eating the “not-shitty food” diet? It really works!” And the reaction I had to it was like an overreaction, because I got angry and felt judged, the way I do when nearly anything about food comes up these days....more

Better than the Best…You!

Starving to be Thin | Are Your Standards Too High?

Recently, a 19-year-old girl reached out to me regarding her experience with being hospitalized for four months for the treatment of her anorexia.  I was so touched because she told me she aspired to look like me.  I had tears rolling down my face at the thought of her feeling that way.  Having had a battle with anorexia as a teen myself, I understand the delusional mindset of such a person firsthand.   Those dark days are far behind me now, but my 13 year old self didn’t understand how much work it takes to look this way.  Denying oneself the proper calories i...more


Watching "The View" this morning, I heard a performance by singer Ne-Yo.  The name of the song is "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)".  It really caught my attention....more

Gettin To Your Victory!

How many times have you declared something for your life and then within a matter of months and for some even weeks that thing falls off the radar? I know I've been there in my own life more times than I would like to admit. Yep, I've been there with men, with my finances, and with my body....more

An Open Letter to Editors

Dear Editors,When you got into the writing career field you looked at it as a job opportunity right? No one goes to college and bumps into a career with the idea that they are going to work for free. Lets be serious here! We all have bills to pay, especially in this economy....more

Parenthood: A Wild Rumpus

Illustration by Peter Brown from The Curious GardenThe little boy was wearing blue jeans with one thread-worn knee and a red rugby shirt....more

Queen of My Own Life - Fresh Royal Decisions

January has always been the month where we start anew. The holidays are over. The end of the year has past and all we can think about is starting over.Let's make this the January to remember. It's all about making a fresh start. Queens Kathy and Cindy want us to remember that every single day can be like a fresh new year.How exciting is it to wake up each morning and getting the opportunity to make a fresh start....more