The Three Stages of Falling in Love (with Oneself)

Image Courtesy:  www.FreeDigitialPhotos.netBy Robin Sampson...more

How Important is Self-Approval in Leading a Successful Life?

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Sometimes You Need to Disengage from Social Media

One of the interesting symptoms of online myopia is the gradual disregard for many real world experiences in pursuit of online validation. It became easy to downgrade the great service I was doing in real life, and instead focus on all the online “goals” I had yet to attain. (I use the word goals loosely here because there wasn’t any real aim besides generally feeling like I was “enough” online.) To those who do not spend most of their days online and supporting themselves in this manner, this might seem downright crazy. ...more
I find that I frequently have to take breaks from social media.  While I don't work online, it ...more

Three Steps to Luxurious Living

 Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.netBy Linda KatzHow do you define luxury?  Five star vacation?  Cashmere?  Jimmy Choo’s?  For me it’s flea market jewelry.  Chances are, we all have something.  The question is:  Can you afford your defined luxury?...more

The Burnout On Fighting Fatphobia: An Essay On Self-Worth

Yesterday, I was having lunch upstairs at work when my coworker started talking about the latest Victoria Secret models.“I saw them at Fashion Week,” he said. “They’re just so beautiful. Like I think I’ve just never seen more beautiful women.”...more
@Karen Ballum You're right. They probably do. None of us seem to be immune from our own ...more

Finding Your Happiness

If you were to strip everything away in your life, as you know it, where do you find yourself?  Are you satisfied with the life you are currently living?  Are you passionate about something to the point of doing it for free?  Can you honestly say you are happy?  For some, this seemingly simple question may not have such a simple answer....more

How to Tell if Someone is Playing Power Games with You

When it comes to feeling valued and respected at work, it’s important to avoid powerless behaviors.  It’s also important to pay attention to how people treat you.  Is someone playing a power game with you and you don’t even realize it?  Here are some ways to tell:...more

Money! That's What I Want

Whoo, starting off with two heavy hitters! I was hoping for a softball today. The writing prompt for Radvent Day 2 is Self-worth.Meg talks about beauty and self-image in her post today. I certainly am not immune to the pitfalls of self-consciousness about my appearance, but an issue that has dogged me more significantly, particularly since I got married, has been a tendency to tie my self-worth to money....more

Brag: The OTHER Four-Letter Word

This week, news broke of Lena Dunham’s staggering book deal. Random House purportedly paid the 26-year-old auteur $3.7 million for a book tentatively titled Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned. Dunham, best known as the writer and showrunner of the HBO series, Girls, has been the focus of tsunami-sized criticism and praise for her work and for becoming a sensation in what seems to be the time it takes to tweet....more
I'm a big fan of self-promotion and tooting one's own horn. Women need to own their power and ...more