Compliments: I Can't Take Them

Compliments are a common part of social interactions; and, they generally bring out the immature asshat in me.Some of My Typical Reactions to Compliments --1. Immediately compliment other person.Normal human: Charlotte, That top looks nice on you.Weirdo me: I like your shirt. And your hair looks great, too. Gotta go! That's it. Not only deflect the compliment, but one up it. That's mature....more

When the Bully Just Might Be Correct

When I was in school, there wasn’t much talk about bullying like there is today. But, when I look back I was definitely a victim of bullying.How do I know this? It’s haunted me my whole life. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about at least one of the comments that was said about me when I was younger. It’s likely the most vivid memory in my mind. And, many times, I think he was correct....more
I was constantly made fun of by one of my classmates for my big nose...and he was right -- my ...more

Anthem of Confidence

Often times when you are at a restaurant you have to excuse yourself to use the restroom. It just happens! You know that feeling you get when you make that long walk, all alone, from your table to the restroom; that feeling that people are staring at you; that feeling that you hope you don’t trip or stumble; that feeling of navigating and maneuvering through the maze of tables without looking lost? You just want to get to the restroom dry and with some dignity intact!...more

Emotions: The Land Of Negative

I have spent four days in solitude, digging up emotions, asking the tough questions, uprooting my spirit, and daring to drop a pebble into my well.This is what I found:I shove, push down and squelch my emotions because I live in the land of negative!Voices of doubt ~ Your not good enough ~ haunt the core of myself where I hunt for worth but come up empty.Sometimes I discover a nugget of positivity, but immediately throw dirt over the shine, covering any brightness with objection.What have I found in the quietness?...more

Mirror Mirror: Keys To Gaining Self Confidence

Improving your self esteem and building up your confidence will greatly enhance your life. Your ...more

Inner Beauty

(Originally posted on Opalima Lovely 2, 2012....more

Net Weight

[Woman With A Burden by Ron A. Cheek] My husband said to me the other day, when I was shocked by how much I weighed, “Maybe it’s all that anger you’re carrying.” ...more