Doubting Yourself and How to Overcome It

I've been feeling plagued by doubts lately, which is odd, because it's on the heels of a huge event that I successfully pulled off  (huge beer event in my community). A friend say that it's just drop in my stress level, as in all my efforts and stress were concentrate don my day job, where I try very hard, and my night job, where I try very hard. So, i guess it is no wonder that I feel an odd reverse letdown. So, I have found the best way to combat this for me- have you tried this?Get enough sleepTalk to loved onesRead a book...more

Are You Thriving Or Just Surviving?

Once we become an “adult” it’s far too easy to get stuck in the mundane routines of life. Whether good or bad, the humdrum of waking up, going to work, running errands, making meals, and Netflix before bed can make days indistinguishable from one to the next. Weeks turn into months. Months blur into years. Years start to speed by. All of a sudden, we find ourselves blinking our eyes, shaking our heads, and wondering how the hell we got here. Throw kids and partners into the mix and…. well, you know exactly what I mean....more

Perception - What Do you Believe About Yourself?

Over the years, I have often wondered why and what drives that way I act. As I continually thought about this, I came to a powerful realization that a lot of the sadness and drama we all face in life is rooted in our perceptions. This may seem obvious to others, but for me, it was a breakthrough and I owe it all to one of my favourite authors is Stephen R. Covey of '7 Habits of Highly Effective people'....more

All That Glitters: A Love Note To L

We have the power to celebrate and love ourselves. We have the power to show love to all that glitters within us, and that's what I'm doing today.I'm currently on a journey to fall madly in love with myself. The idea to write myself a love letter was perfect, and I knew it would help me on my journey. Turning inward to see what I love about who I am was eye-opening and touching. I totally recommend writing a love letter to yourself!...more

Following my Intention, turning inward, loving myself, I found gratitude to live my best possible life!

A major piece in my quest to live my best life came together when I finally realized that much of my life I looked outward to other as a measure, a yard stick, to judge my life....more

Song for a Saboteur

We all have Saboteur's inside us, the little voices inside us that stop us from moving forward, from moving up, from shining. It's for our own good, for our protection, or at least that is what they say. One of mine is a young girl and I have sent off on her way with a heartfelt thank you and her own special song. What she stands in the way of is me, moving beyond being a shy, nervous kid who was often teased, tortured and picked on until the fear of that left me paralyzed in many ways....more