Five Ways We Self Sabotage And How We Can Change - Right Now

It is finally spring and you are charged up.  This is the year you are going to lose the twenty pounds that have been slowly creeping up. Good for you for making the commitment....more

Request Denied

There's two sides to every story...This is mine I have to include a warning with my post this week....warning If you like this post you can read more at or find me on facebook at

How to turn around your self-destructive thoughts - Part 2

Hey there, narcissists! We're back with some more ways to turn around your cycle of self-destructive thoughts....more

Are You Falling to this Act of Self - Sabotage?

  Fear is the single most crippling reason that prevent people from living their fullest potential. Among the numerous excuses people cite for why they can’t reach their goals are: no money, no time, no experience, kids, a spouse, a demanding household, no interest, they’re fine where they are and the list goes on and on....more