The Name Badge Does Not Sell Your Business

At the close of a large entrepreneur event, a small business owner came up to the registration desk and offered a suggestion. He felt like his name badge should have more than a name. He wanted a badge filled with all his information: name, company, title, website, email and phone. Then, he would talk to more people and more people would talk to him....more

Don’t Confuse Confidence with Enthusiasm

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers utilize enthusiasm to draw people to their ideas. They passionately motivate us to follow and take action.  Enthusiasm creates an emotional attachment....more

How eBay Helped Us Buy Our Home

You know the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” Well, for me, the saying should go “One family’s junk that is sold on eBay makes for a nice contribution to a house down payment.”...more
@Darcie True! But then he's always wanting to buy stuff we don't need, hah.more

If You Don't Buy from My Kid, I Won't Buy from Yours

I have three kids which means in our time and like everyone else, we’ve sold a lot of crap. We’ve sold cookie dough, pizza making kits, wrapping paper, God awful things they considered “gifts,” magazine subscriptions and of course, Girl Scout cookies. We are VERY lucky that the elementary school we’re at now doesn’t participate in item sales; they just ask us for pledges and donations at the beginning of the year. And then nickel and dime us the rest of the year, but that’s a different post. Since two out of the three girls are scouts and sell cookies, I try to always buy from other parents when their kids are selling things for their clubs or schools. With one exception....more
You keep mentioning her attitude in the comments, but you didn't think it merited mentioning in ...more

The Secret to Effective Selling - Roundup

If you are in business, you are a sales professional. I don't care if your business is widgets or service, you must be able to sell effectively if you plan on staying in business. As someone who came from a corporate background where no sales was required, it was a rude awakening for me to enter the world of entrepreneurship and have to... eek! Sell! ...more

Vintage Women's Clothing Basics

Whether you are a frugal person trying to get a great deal or you are a celebrity trying to find something unique, vintage clothing has become increasingly popular. For many women, wearing vintage is all about the hunt to find that perfect piece. What exactly qualifies clothing as being "vintage" rather than "antique" or "contemporary"? Generally the term is used to described any clothing made from the 1920's through the 1970's.  Linda S....more

The Great Sellout: Legal Tips for Using eBay, Craigslist and Amazon to Sell Goods

Hyper-Consumerism The words, "We're having a baby" are basically synonymous with "We're about to become hyper consumers." If you have childre...more