Advisors, Consultants and Counselors, Oh My!

I’ve recently been working on writing other people’s bios for a couple of websites.I tend to work with a lot of counselors, consultants and advisors (or advisers, depending on where they are from).And I call myself a new media consultant....more

Words That Just Make Everyone Uncomfortable

I love words; I really do. The right words in the right hands can give expression to the part of man that mirrors God. But some words are just incurably, gratuitously dumb. ...more

"Awesome" has been taking some heat in the comments, but I like it a lot too!

Author ...more

Speech Delays and Disorders: Often the Tip of the Iceberg, so be sure to dig deep enough

In a prior post, I referred to a new patient of mine - Sienna. Sienna was approved for services because of her speech sound disorder; that is, her speech was not clear enough for her age.  Good rule of thumb:  A 3.0 year old child should be 90% intelligible to a stranger. That means that no one should be requesting a repetition from that child more than once out of every 10 utterances/messages, or so....more

Twists of the Tongue that Certainly Tell All

Sandy: Hey Maddie, how was school today?Maddie: We have a new President...Rocabama.Sandy: Yes we do. It's  a special day for America....more

“My Soul Has Been Kissed” – The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

A video has been traveling around since June 2009. It moves from ear to brain to eyes and then passed along to the next person. I’ve seen all kinds of words to describe it from “Wait, no you really should see this.” to “My soul has been kissed.” There are lessons in science, music, community, shared knowledge and perhaps just a little fun. ...more

It is cool, I don't care how many times he's done it or it is a cognative group participation ...more