Symbol of the Week: Mint

(Menthe photo credit: Mavi Boncuk)...more

Symbol of the Week: The all-seeing eye

For this week’s Symbol of the Week, I decided to go more topical with the All-Seeing Eye....more

Symbol of the Week: The Sun

Before I decided to pursue freelance writing and blogging, I was seriously considering doing my Masters in Sociology with a focus on Semiotics.My gut told me to write, though, as it usually does. Still, signs and symbols are always on my mind so why not combine the two worlds? The Sun is my favorite symbol so this is where I’ll start....more

The Emergent Virtuality

I consider myself a bit geeky and way intellectual -- so I haven't inserted my own blogging into the coorperative blogging of BlogHer very often. But from time to time I feel it is okay to interject my own commentary. If anyone gets what I'm saying and would like to get together at BlogHer in SF this summer to talk about this sort of Gaia and three faces of the Goddess sort of perspective on Life the Universe and Everything... do let me know-- I'd love to get together with you. I have registered yet for it. Money is tight, but come hell or high water, I will be there. ...more


I Love your post and wondered if you have seen the film?