On death and dying for a mom by her daughter.

My Mom turns 86 this March, if she makes it. She it totally disabled and has full time caregivers in her own place. You might remember another blog when I talked about moving her out of our family home and putting her in a rented apartment. She is going downhill and the dilemma is what do my sister and I do to help her in the process of dying. She can no longer see and cataract surgery is out of the question, so she only listens with her eyes in a blurry state. She seems to hear what she wants and ignores you, if not interested....more

I Never Got to Say Goodbye: An Essay on Losing a Father to Alzheimer's

As I put the hot oil treatment on my head, the smell envelopes me. I am transported back to my parents' bedroom and the bottle of Aramis cologne that sat by my father's sink. It is the same smell. I go and buy a bottle of Aramis I put a dab on my father's red flannel shirt that I have kept all these years. I breathe in deeply, and I cry....more
@Elayne I just noticed the little source mention at the bottom - her story really does hit a nerve.more

A Tribute To My Father-In-Law

I am dedicating this post to my 93-year old father-in-law, Paul, who just passed away this week. Paul immigrated to the United States in 1951, where he received his Master's degree in engineering from the University of Michigan and his PhD from Columbia University. He was a devoted husband, and was married to my mother-in-law for 50 years before her passing 4 years ago. Not only was he an extremely intelligent man, but one of the dearest, most loving men I have ever known....more

How to Ask for Help when Caregiving

Caregiving is and should be a family responsibility. But oftentimes if a spouse is not available or able to be the caregiver, the primary caregiving responsibilities, for one or both parents, tend to fall on a sole family member – usually the eldest, grown daughter or the grown child that lives the closest to the senior....more

Elder Care Need Globally

Narmatha's Thoughts http://narmathasthoughts.blogspot.com ...more

Ideas for the MEDCottage

So I have a couple of ideas for Kenneth Dupin. A couple of posts ago I told you about Dupin and his invention, the MEDCottage, a small trailer you park on your property to house your aging relations. Since I wrote that, I thought of a couple of things Dupin might want to consider including (and I’m only half joking). ...more

You can read my post about the MEDCottage ...more


This is my first blog entry here at BlogHer, and I am so excited!  It's probably best to introduce myself and explain what I do.   I am Sandi - a.k.a. the HomeBadger.  My company is HomeBadger Creations, Inc (www.homebadger.com).  I have a home-based business in South Jersey and I sell handmade apparel wraps, shawls, scarves and yoga blankets for people of all ages, from almost any fabric requested.  ...more

Home Health Aides who might be looking for work in the Phila, PA area..work with seniors in private home

If anyone out there knows an individual who is looking for a part-time job to work with seniors, please forward this to her or him. Working at our comfort keepers or any, across the country is a great job for stay at home moms or dads because our employees work flexible schedules, a few hours a day and can be arranged so that the employee works maybe 10-2pm while the kids are in school. We also have weekend, overnight and live in available as well. ...more

Attn: Seniors - You have choice in selecting your care provider!

Attn: Seniors and their loved ones - You have a choice regarding your selection of care providers.   I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own homework finding out how the healthcare system works and what is available to seniors if needed. ...more

Hi Jamie

Thanks for your comments. Yes totally agree a person's home whether in private ...more